Some Encouragement on PWL


Lots of people are asking if anything can be done to stop them, and the answer is yes, and many of you are doing it, and it is helping.

You see that site has its own server, it has bandwidth allocation and lots of other expenses, so someone id spending a fair amount of dough to keep it up and running, and they are bringing in….NOTHING

What makes what we are doing successful is that we are being relentless…..barraging everyone with dmca’s and take down notices, complaining to the registrars and the hosting company, keeping the pressure on.  In addition the traffic, probably some DDOS attacks and other such stuff has made the site as unstable as the meth head running it.

They have to be on top of it 24/7 just to TRY to keep it running (its currently down again and has been for a while)

At some point they will get tired of all the work with no return and say fuck this….It aint worth it.

keep it up y’all….Stay vigilant and you will win.

48790cookie-checkSome Encouragement on PWL

Some Encouragement on PWL

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  1. Do u guys know in the entire AIM database was compromised? I tested three times for three adult shoots, but luckily my industry name nor real name has been on PWL. Now I’m worried about 2257’s. Are they all on one data base, or would the production company have to leak it for it to get out?

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