So You Think You Are Free Do You

You probably hear it everyday….America is the greatest country on earth because we have more freedoms.

And lots and lots of you repeat it, though you know nothing of any other country on earth, nor do you know anything really of this one.

Let’s take a look at how free you really are here.

Here are some things off the top of my head that ‘free’ Americans cannot do without obtaining government permission.

1) Getting a job
2) Using ALL of the proceeds of one’s effort as one chooses
3) Getting/having a bank account or conducting financial transactions not involving cash
4) Hiring people
5) Buying, owning or building a home
6) Deciding how to use one’s own property once the permission itemized above is obtained
7) Plying the trade/profession of one’s choice
8) Growing/raising foodstuffs
9) Deciding what to put into or take out of one’s own body
10) Deciding how to care for one’s own body
11) Traveling by ANY mechanized means of transportation
12) Voting
13) Self defense/buying or having firearms
14) Obtaining private charitable assistance if one finds him/herself homeless
15) Buying explosives or other ‘dangerous’ chemicals (including chemistry sets or motors
for model rockets)
16) Entering government buildings
17) Entering or leaving the country
18) To conduct a “Religious Service”, (just try and start a Church without approval)
19) To conduct a Religious Ceremony, (Marriage)
20) To be a Religious Leader (preacher, rabbi, etc)
21) To speak in public, on public grounds
22) To assemble in public
23) To procreate, (children born out of “government approved” marriage are Illegitimate;
thus the government deems that child “less than whole”

Lets face it, we’re ALL government Niggers now. By what stretch of the imagination may any one of us claim to be, in the slightest way, ‘free’?

Maybe this is why the rest of the world thinks Americans are so fucking stupid.

Americans were never meant to ask for permission, that was for government to do. If the wimps would stop obeying government, they’d discover how little support they really have, before we start shooting back.

I challenge anyone here to name one thing that you can do that does not involve permission from the government.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”
Thomas Jefferson

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So You Think You Are Free Do You

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7 Responses

  1. Nope, thats my point we the people let the tyrants put us into this position and sooner or later we the people will have to come to terms with the fact that we arent free, we are ruled by tyranny

  2. Man, I feel yeah on this issue and it’s only getting worse every year.

    Death by a thousand cuts.

    Really, the only solace is that while all these laws are crazy, this is still the most free country in the world.

    Government is, was and always will be corrupt.

  3. Lets add a few more things you cant do without government approval

    Wear Clothing
    Visit another country
    send or receive mail

  4. 1) Getting a Job
    4) Hiring people

    Don’t forget that once you get that job or hire that person, you’re still not free to have an employer/employee relationship, based on a mutual agreement, and free from government oversight. Min wage laws kill jobs because businesses simply can’t afford the cost of more workers. Mandatory overtime compensation causes severe job fluctuation by forcing companies to hire temps during busy seasons, while preventing solid employees from benefiting from those busy seasons. As both employee and employer (at different times) in the same industry, I never understood why I, or anyone I hired, was considered more valuable after 40 hours/week.

    A worker doesn’t need government to dictate working conditions. If you don’t like the conditions, find another job.

    By the same token, an intelligent employer will maintain good relations/conditions with employees to keep them from finding other jobs.

    That’s called free enterprise and works to the advantage of the company, the employee, and the consumer.

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