Shameful Thing:

As I look at the drama surrounding the whole Benefit Movie for Henri Pachard it makes me sad. I met him a few times, he was always nice to me, theres something about certain people when you meet them you know they are good, decent people. Ron Sullivan(Henri)  struck me that wayHe was cordial, genuinely nice and knew who I was.

I remember meeting him well, I knew that I was meeting someone with talent, someone who  was in this biz 20 years before I got in, he shot on film and many of his movies were classics. “The Budding of Brie”, “October Silk, “Matinee Idol” He shot a lot of porn and made a lot of people a lot of money.

He even managed to survive the transition from film to video. He has made a legacy for himself in this business.

Now he is suffering and from where I sit I see the people, generally who can least afford to help him doing the most. Ron Sullivan never made Jeff Mullen a dime yet Jeff has stepped up and graciously  helped him out in a time of need. Others, Im not going to name names made a lot of money on Mr Pachards films and are strangely, quiet. They know who they are.

One thing I have noticed about this business, it doesn’t take care of it’s own. Not even when it was massively prosperous, I mean who knows what happened to Barbara Doll for instance.

It makes me sad that one of the most prolific filmmakers in the industry, a member of the AVN Hall of Fame, should even need a benefit project helmed by Amber Lynn. What makes it double sad is that probably half of the videos purchased by distributors will never even be paid for, and the ones that are will be paid 30-90 or more days late, and Mrs Sullivan, if she is lucky may see 10 K of that.

Ten thousand dollars, half of the company owners in this business who made money from Ron’s work have pissed that much away in a single night.

I’m not saying they owe Ron anything, they don’t, they owe it to themselves, but just like most debts in this biz it won’t be paid.

Ron, I consider myself lucky to have met ya man. God Bless ya.

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Shameful Thing:

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