Shady Shit Going On With The FSC and Mike Gatto – Say It Ain’t So

An informed Reader Writes:
During his run for state assembly Mike Gatto sent out this flyer that seemed to indicate he was a Republican. It was just a routine political campaign trick, but it worked. He got a lot of bad press for it, but in the end he won, and that’s what matters. It was called sleazy, and underhanded, but that’s politics.Lets take a close look at this flyer.   It uses the name “Citizens For Good Government”.  This organization had NOTHING to do with this flyer, and received no payment of any kind for producing or distibuting it. See the following link. And read the comments, one in particular will be of interest to the adult industry.


Now lets take a look at the No on Government Waste (No on B) official financial disclosure documents.  What do we see, a $6,500.00 payment to “Citizens For Good Government.”  Diane, as the official treasurer of No on B can you tell us exactly who you paid this $6500.00 to, because it wasn’t Citizens for Good Government.

Maybe there is another group that uses the same name, and this could be easily cleared up, so if Diane could just provide contact information for this group so we can verify who they are, and what they did for the campaign that would be helpful.And then Mike Gatto, chairman of the Appropriations committee single hand-idly shelves AB332.  There was NO vote in the Appropriations Committee, as reported by some adult news outlets. It is the chairman alone who decides what gets of the suspense file.  Smells like James Lee and Diane were up to some shenanigans, is this the Republican help Diane was tallking about?

Much, much, much more will be coming up very shortly about this.  The folks at Sadler Strategic Media,  who were paid more than $200,000.00 by No on Measure B were not to anxious to talk about ‘where the money went’ That’s a huge chunk of ALL the money received by the No On Government Waste Committee.

Then we see that the FSC DONATES 40,000 to No on B, then FSC receives a PAYMENT of 10,000 from No on B listed as a “CVC” or civic donation (I dont know what that means  but we all will shortly.

This is just the beginning of looking into this. Many details are still sketchy, and this is a work in progress.  Now if I could just find out who the Coalition For Senior Security is.  Getting back to work, more to follow.   Sleep tight Diane.

76570cookie-checkShady Shit Going On With The FSC and Mike Gatto – Say It Ain’t So

Shady Shit Going On With The FSC and Mike Gatto – Say It Ain’t So

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  1. “And lets not forget, HIV is a manageable disease.” -Julie Meadows A/k/a Lydia Lee points out while trying to explain why condoms should not be compulsory in the adult film industry. This quote is at 2:50 in her youtube video posted on her performers for choice website in the performer voices section! And I am not taking her statement out of context, either.
    So it would appear that the “performers for choice” folks don’t think it’s all that big of a deal if the talent catches HIV!!!!!
    Look this one up quick, because I’m sure she’ll take it down as soon as she realizes that she actually DOWNPLAYED catching HIV as no big deal!!!!!!!

  2. Magic Johnson announced he had HIV in 1991 and he is still alive. Over 10 years ago, I actually met and his wife at Comic-Con International: San Diego Expo. Magic was promoting an educational comic book for children. Much more is known about HIV then in the early 1980s. When you know what is causing something, you know much better how to handle to it.

    John Holmes continued doing cocaine after he knew he had HIV. He could have lived much longer if he wasn’t doing something that was ruining his body even before he had HIV. Jay Allen Sanford, the first publisher of Carnal Comics, has told me that people such as myself went to high school with the concern of HIV whereas as his generation did not have to worry about it. Jay went to high school during the late 1970s. I asked him if people he knew in high school worried about herpes and he told me that they were not concerned about it. Herpes was bad enough but my fellow high school students had HIV to worry about as well. A friend of mine, who used to work at a comic store that I went to, has HIV. He takes medication for it.

  3. 6/10/2013 19:03 PM PST

    Monica Foster Accuses Mike South and Nick East of Story Poaching

    I was kind of curious why Mike South is running a way old story about California state assemblyman Mike Gatto.

    It was Monica Foster who clued me into the fact that Gatto won an election to the state Assembly by passing himself off as a Republican. Plus there’s a number of articles on the Internet that can be found reporting on this same fact.

    Foster, however, is particularly irate that “research” she shared with Nick East is winding up on South’s site concerning the Gatto story. Says Foster, “I will no longer be sharing my research with pornstar weasel Nick East, for him in turn to give to kiss ass Mike South..”

    Better yet, read the whole story at

  4. I guess no good deed goes unpunished, eh?
    I befriended Monica a couple of years ago and now she appears to have turned on me like a doberman pinscher. Ah, ya live and learn.
    My goal in being vocal about Measure B and AB332 has been and still is to stop the unabated and worsening mistreatment of performers by unscrupulous employers who have absolutely NO regard for their health or safety! I, for one, see the inevitable arrival of treatment resistant STD’s on the horizon. I didn’t see the internet coming, but untreatable gonorrhea entering the picture is as evident as the nose on my face. And the fact that the performer spokesperson for the talent (Julie Meadows) thinks HIV isn’t a big deal speaks volumes about just how scary the anti-condom idiots (yes, I said it) really are!
    But then again, lets look at an issue that nobody has EVER talked about, okay? Here it is…
    If the internet existed BEFORE I got into porn I WOULD HAVE NEVER DONE IT!!! For those of us who were blindsided by it, we never had a choice in that matter! But today’s performer’s are completely aware that EVERYONE is going to watch them have sex FOR FREE! How stupid do you have to be to make a choice like that? And for that reason as well, these poor people NEED our help to stop them before they hurt themselves FOR LIFE!
    One more thing though,,,
    If Jackie Lacey is able to sabotage the vivid lawsuit so that they win, I will disappear and stop caring altogether, folks! And then I’m getting into the slate mailer business myself! If ya can’t beat ’em, join ’em is what I always say, eh?

  5. Monica Foster: “Did Nica Noelle recently test positive for Syphilis?”

    I’m staying out of this discussion, but if what Foster’s saying is true, it would explain why Nica Noelle was lavish in her praise of Mr. Marcus and lobbed softballs at him when they did an interview last year after it was learned that he had syphilis.

    Here’s what Foster is saying:

    Here’s an interesting tidbit that came out of that Noelle interview which was printed by XBiz, Nica Noelle writes: “In the weeks that followed, Marcus would continue to puzzle over the spots on his hand – and to perform in adult films. He made no connection between what he thought were symptoms of “stress,” and his job as an adult film performer. He had a recent, clean test from Talent Testing Services obtained on June 13, which would remain valid until July 13. He used that test to perform during this time period.”

    TTS’ Sixto Pacheco announced immediately afterwards: “We have list of all his testing…he did not test with us in June, period.”

    Here’s what I wrote about the Marcus interview: – You’ve got enough blogs doing suck-up porn interviews as it is. You don’t need another one.

    But Nica Noelle managed just fine last week by allowing Mr. Marcus to run, like a stallion, unfettered and free on the wild western plains of discrepancy.

    At some points, though, the Marcus piece was pure Harlequin romance.

    Writes Noelle: “After the scandal broke, Marcus retreated to his south bay home to reflect on what may be the end of an uncommonly successful career in adult films.

    “‘I’ve never spent this much time at home, just looking out at the ocean,’ he said. ‘I’m trying to find peace in all this.’”

    I could almost imagine Marcus wistfully looking out to sea, wearing a pirate shirt baring his chest, playing Jimmy Buffett tunes while saying all this.

    You could tell though, Nica, as a writer, was into her subject too much for comfort. And when that happens, there’s usually a hemorrhage where objectivity is concerned. ‘Cause all it did in the end was close the casket on Mr. Marcus.

    Marcus in that interview told the biggest fib of the year so far, that he tested for Syphilis in June with Talent Testing Services. TTS was quick to refute the statement, and you got to think with all the slander, there’s gotta be no love lost between Sixto Pacheco and Diane Duke.

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