Say Hello To Another SCUMBAG Tara from Freepornstarpix Come On Down


I have been sent tons of info from the pwl database and this one sickens me

Static IP Addresses don’t lie

This is one disgusting human being right here.

another PWL contributor TARA NICOLE AKINLOSE = @freepornstarpix ISP: Road Runner IP:

forum name: “branded” TARA NICOLE AKINLOSE = @freepornstarpix (static) IP:

Miss Akinloser @freepornstarpix has dozens of posts as “Unregistered”

Tara Nicole Akinlose @freepornstarpix relocated and has more posts with a dynamic IP




That Tara would frequently post in a forum such as pwl just goes to show the depth of depravity some people will sink to.  If is on your screener list you might want to reconsider that.

A Few of Taras 100 + Posts

Julia Ann is nuts. The reason why she seem so depressed about still being in porn is that she has to hook much more now to pay the bills.

LA Direct gives Digital Playground a discount on talent, that is why. Same with Naughty and the reason why Christian was given the plum job of filming all their content (nice promotion for him within Derek’s empire).

Derek was in the music biz as a roadie for Def Leppard, etc. He dated TJ Hart in SF according to Donny and was a gay hustler and stripper. Derek is an old whore.

TJ Cummings is a bottom is his private life. What is going to be done about him? He knows he is gay because he wants to settle down with a man.

Kacey barebacks with clients that have tests.  That doctor she lived with loved to fuck and come in her ass. Go through her twitpics and she even titled one ‘the bed where I’m gonna get anally creampied’. Nasty ho.

Remember Playmate Carrie Stevens? Derek threatened her life after she was arrested for hooking..

Heres What Donny Thinks of Tara….Whats that tell you?



52510cookie-checkSay Hello To Another SCUMBAG Tara from Freepornstarpix Come On Down

Say Hello To Another SCUMBAG Tara from Freepornstarpix Come On Down

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56 Responses

  1. Hello SCUMBAG! I’m rather surprised a black porn chick with fangs would call the white supremacist ass licker of the PWL Gay Nazis a god. Hmmm….maybe she is dyslexic and meant to say dog?

    The fact that Dawny Bong can be quoted as saying, “Tara made up some really good news post on her site…” and blahblahblah ad nauseum. Pardon? …made up, you say? Indeed…falsified news and dox are synonymous with PWL.

    POP POP POP Dawny Bong

    @TheRealPWL @MikeSouth1226 @mrwhiteacre Kicking ass and taking names. #GoTeam!

  2. This is Tara and you’d better come up with something better to frame me dickhead. This is the second message board I’ve been impersonated on and I have not been to a porn event in a year or so. I don’t give a flying fuck about what any of you believe, obviously when you offend a dumb hillbilly like Mike South (by making your site better than his) he obviously gets his panties in a wad. Enjoy the voicemails, I left you, dickhead Mike and I’ll have fun talking to Webair about taking my copyrighted photo offline. Screw you and have a nice summer.

  3. By the way, I posted your cellphone number all over twitter, you fucking asshole!!!!

  4. And Mike, I’m not on any screener list. Why would that matter to you anyway? Are you really that fucking jealous? And you’re the disgusting sack of shit here, I have a brain lesion and have been ill. I haven’t been on any fucking msg boards and I’m sick of being impersonated you fucking dickhead. Unless you have a goddamned photo of me posting on PWL, you have nothing and it won’t hold up in court.

  5. Hey Tara, you ugly bitch, this is PWL TroLL:

    I would quit poppin off if I were you. What mike posted isn’t the only shit we got on you, you fucking liar. You are scum and an uncle tom. Raw data will be released soon enough showing nobody is framing you but yourself. Don’t dig your hole any deeper, bitch.

  6. Mah Lazrs adjust themselves accordingly and unless you want tem pointed at you, stop lying.

  7. I’m not part of the group that runs the site. That is Donny’s crowd. They are a group of johns. One is likely in real estate in LA, named Derek Sampson.

  8. Why don’t you go after the people that pay for the hosting? Nice try, but I don’t own that site.

  9. Mike, I’m not going to stop calling you. Take this down now. I already contacted Webair and I’ve known them much longer than you have. So stop it now.

  10. You are a supporter and contributor you whore. How does it feel to be on the other side? Keep digging your own hole.

  11. She always talks to me on twitter. Fucking ingrate! BLOCK this bitch! That site hates blacks and de humanizes who she is as a human being. I cant believe she would have the gull to stoop so low to sell out porn stars on the under! BLOCK and DUMP this bitch and her site. Let her run with the KKK party, fuck her.

  12. We all must take into consideration that this site holds no bars when it comes to any one of us. You can be next so you better had been on the right side of the fence when your turn comes and names are being pulled out of a fucking hat everyday. So we all had better stick together and let this site burn down not ban with them. good job Mike, bring on the next damn name! We are pulling cards and taking names right now! Get em!

  13. Stop hiding behind a fake name, fucker! Carohosting has been contacted regarding this post.

    Mike, you shoot porn in rural Georgia where it is not legal and I’m sure all your neighbors think you are the depraved one. You’re just another closet case misogynist. I thought it was a woman on your voice mail, but, gee, you’re really that feminine, my lady.

    You really take this porn stuff seriously as if being on a screener list was some sort of status. Did you grow up in a trailer park?

    Show me a contract or anything that indicates I am a contributor. Unless you have it in writing, it is defamation and this post will be removed in time. There is not just support or abuse at Carohosting, there is president of the company, plus other officers. I will hit everyone till this is taken down and after that, they may not want your hosting account anymore. Get it?

    You might call the females who perform in this business whores, but when you apply it to a non-performer it is very defamatory and worth litigating.

  14. Pick up the fucking phone, Mike. Stop being a bitch and posting under a fake nick. Douche bag.

  15. Dont worry about Webair Mike. I know the owner and he hates porn wikileaks. Tara wont have a leg to stand on when Web Air reads this shit. Webair sides with the porn industry not anyone who is on pornwikileaks site. Trust, the owner knows all about it.

  16. Fuck this cunt Mike. Leave it up so the whole porn industry can see her fucking shady ass burn. Dont make deals with 2 faced mutherfuckers. All porn stars must not have any dealing with her. I will have @mercedesashley with her 42,000 followers put word out on her ass to all the porn stars, she is my pal.

  17. How many fake nicks do you have, Mike?

    Webair just told me that they don’t host your site. It is Carohosting. That company just got a pile of nice faxes and emails about your site.

    Mike, are you that much of a bitchy queen? All of that info above is well known. Are you mad that you didn’t post it? Is that why your panties are in a bunch?

  18. Give me her Twitter page, her exact Twitter lets blast this bitch to all the porn stars and see how much trash she talks about the porn stars behind their back. Trader bitch! @freepornstarpix is that it? Lets make sure.

  19. Sold out the industry? Anyone who reads any of the shit above posted will be laughing their asses off!! Why not go after the people that stole all the IDs? Is it more fun to pick on a female, you fucking prick?

    Pick up your phone. My cock must be bigger than yours, Nancy Drew.

  20. Bring on the next sell out mutherfucker Mike! Tired of watching this bitch panic. Go with porn wikileaks bitch. you are done! case has been closed on your ass. Keep it movin. Drum roll please…the next name of the next trader!

  21. And shut the fuck up about me posting with a fake name, you were the one on porn wikileaks, posting anonymously. We got the books bitch, all of you will be had! Now back off panicking.

  22. The cops wont do anything. Cyber space is out of their jurisdiction. We all tried that with porn wiki leaks. Like we all say to you. call 911. this is a civil matter. Get ready to pay 10,000 to begin your case to remove a picture from a site. All photos are public when on the internet. Try again. Call 911. They will laugh you out of their station.

  23. You also have to do a police report in his city in person. Good luck. A plane ticket, hotel, expenses for them to tell you call a lawyer. This is the news baby. You are a headliner today. You are not todays attention whore.

  24. We are the new Porn Wikileaks taking down mutherfuckers who betrayed the industry that supported them all this time and sold their ass to keep their names clear. We are taking the porn industry back and throwing Uncle Toms in the trash.

  25. No. Mike shoots porn in a state where it is illegal. Georgia will go after him. I’m being harassed by someone in another state who makes a living performing an illegal activity in that state and he will be arrested. Everything they need for evidence is online.

  26. See that shit. You are doing the whole Porn Wikileaks babble. Yep, you are one of them. Lynch this bitch quick. She is definitely one of em.

  27. No, I didn’t.

    Doraville City Hall has my harassment complaint. In fact, the City Clerk just read it. Leave me alone.

  28. Your message was read on Friday, July 08, 2011 7:22:55 AM (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time
    (US & Canada).

    city hall clerk read my complaint 🙂

  29. Cry more bitch. Thats what you get for poppin off on PWL. You think they will do anything to Mike when they wont do shit to PWL? Shit just got real bitch. How does the saying go? dance monkey dance?

  30. I think I’m going to investigate filing some complaints against you Tara for online harassment and stalking of entertainers. California is pretty strict on that from what I hear. This is not the first time you’ve been caught – you harassed Kitten and Sinnamon Love ( has entire posts about it).

    It also seems like you association with PWL had a pre-meditated agenda:

    “Tara, webmaster of (NSFW), prefers the latter approach. “It would be better to sacrifice some people so everybody else can get on with it,” said Tara, who declined to give her last name because her family doesn’t know about her job. Extreme content producers, she said, “need to cool it, pull back a little bit” instead of “asking for it” during a right-wing administration.”

    Funny how you don’t want any info about you out there, but you had no problem posting a phone number you had for Mike South on twitter. You are disgusting inside and out.

    What’s sad Tara is you’ve been pulling this shit online since 2006:


  31. o rly tara? your family doesn’t know about your job? Interesting…
    cant wait to fill them in on the news!

  32. lmfao! Feels good to turn the damn tables around on these losers. Thats how they spoke to us when we were over there. This Tara btch was even addressing us like she was PWL in her posts. So let this cunt fry.

  33. She keeps poppin off she might find her site scattered all over the internet like PWL site. She had better show some respect to Mike when coming around here. We are not playing games with anyone for all the abuse we all have been taking at PWL so just accept the ass kicking and simply apologize for being a fucking trader and be on your way. Dont battle us here. We are not in the right fucking frame of mind at this point.

  34. dats right. dont be poppin off on porn god mike souths blog you whore! don’t like to be put in porn stars shoes huh?

  35. Just got on the horn with Webair. They are not getting involved with any pornwikileaks matters. So crying about pics and postings everyone is on their own. lmfao! When it comes to porn wikileaks no one will help you. Webair told me to tell all of you who got problems with porn wikileaks just call them to secure your site is about it. lmao! They hate porn wikileaks so let the games begin. Webair is on the adult industries side and has high knowledge of what that site is about and will not get involved at the attacks that the porn industry does back to them. So fuck off Tara.

  36. Lets not forget…webair hosts many porn sites that are under attack by porn wikileaks under any circumstance will they not protect the companies who pay top cash money to them monthly for hosting and you think a person that is on the pornwikileaks bandwagon they will help? Fuck off Benedict.

  37. Hey Mike can you begin your headlines when we have a benedict arnold to begin like this across the headliners “Benedict Arnold #1: Tara, come on down”, than #2 than #3…lol

  38. That’s the same ugly useless cunt Jamesn used to beat like a drum on XPT.

  39. That’s the same ugly useless cunt Jamesn used to beat like a drum on XPT.

    Thank you for verifying a pattern of harassment, so I can print this out and show it to the police

  40. Mr Strother, I appreciate you curtailing your lawlessness and obeying the DCMA. Now, it is time for the FBI in a few states to be introduced to you.

  41. It seems Donny is down again, as of this moment. I guess he’s overloaded his new server with those useless “checkmate” wikis. Or maybe the cops finally came.

  42. I haven’t looked over al the various industry blogs so maybe this is already being discussed. Do you guys get a redirect to when you go to PWL? Appears the original wikileaks took PWL from them. Not a huge deal, he’ll just pop up someplace else but it appears PWL as PWL is done.

    Also, just got off Tara’s blog. That woman has lost her marbles. If I didn’t know any better I’d think Donnie himself is Tara. She should change her name to Donna Long. She sounds exactly like Donny. If Donny were blacker and fatter and girlier and just as ugly, he would be Tara Akinlose.

  43. Does anyone have family contact info for Ms. Akinlose? I have some spare time today. Seriously.

  44. And, Yes the Re-Direct to the real wikileaks has been going on for at least the last 90 minutes. Seems to be the Donkey’s equivelant of wraping himself in the flag.

  45. @MarkFelt You think the Donkey is redirecting it? Honestly, your theory makes more sense but I was thinking that the real WL took PWL from PWL for trademark or copyright infringement. Is there a way to tell?

  46. LOL, so THIS is what it looks like when a post gets 50+ comments.

    Page 2, Bitches.

  47. I believe some of the recent defections from PWL have taken a serious toll on the donkey’s ability to stay on line, as he and knucklehead try to keep it up by themselves. Why would Assagne want to add to his legal problems by assuming the name?

  48. I didn’t say he is assuming the name. But the organization certainly had the right to request that they quit playing off the “wiki leaks” name. It appears WL complained and got PWL down.

  49. I am glad that Porn Wiki Leaks is down, but I do agree that Doinkey will just re-post it using a different website name. All of the information not removed in the hack would still be on the servers. If the site was ordered to go to the other place, there would be a record — but the regulating agency is based in Switzerland (IIRC), so getting that paper would require either an expensive plane ticket or a couple weeks mailing time. Maybe they can fax it — if an international cross-ocean fax is even possible with current technology.

    As for Akinlose — go stick your comments where the sun doesn’t shine!

  50. I just thought of something. I wonder if anyone could have the internet regulator scan and e-mail the transfer documentation. I am sure they would charge a search fee, but it would tell the story for sure. I did see one post on another blog just saying “They’re Back” regarding PWL but did not say how or with what internet address. One of the people that are moles trying to shut them down from the inside could check that out (if Doinkey had viruses or trojans on his site they would already have them so another log-on would not be any more risk — unlike myself who hasn’t ever logged onto PWL). I will do a Google search and see if they are on there.

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