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I have decided to use Saturdays for fun related/educational/whatever says for things that don’t necessarily pertain to porm,  I have been doing this for a while if somethijng strikes me as interesting but I think now Im gonna reserve it for Saturdays.

I recently learned that until 1914 any laws restricting what a person could put into their own body were unconstitutional.  The result you could buy heroin and the syringes to inject it from the Sears and Roebuck Catalog.  There were no drug laws.  Heroin, Morphine, Marijuana, Cocaine, Laudanum were all perfectly legal and unregulated.

Of course this was at a time when very little was understood about addiction, Morphine for example was generally considered to be a better addiction than alcohol because people on Morphine weren’t rowdy, aggressive and looking to fight.  Morphine was sold and marketed as a cure for alcoholism and it was cheaper than alcohol.

The first drug laws didn’t outlaw the drugs, it taxed them…from there a version of the pure food and drug act required makers of tonics, and other such medicines to list their ingredients….usually High amounts of opiates.  Thus began the long road to the “war” on drugs.

I believe that now that we understand the nature of addiction and people are more educated about it that drug laws do far more harm than good.  they prop up a 300 BILLION dollar a year industry that doesn’t pay taxes and keeps prices high thus keeping organized crime in business.

One need only look at the Marijuana legalization in Colorado,  it has put a huge dent in the amount of money that Mexican cartels made in Colorado selling Marijuana.  Imagine what would happen if you multiplied that times 50….You can bet that the tax dollars raised would improve the community and at the same time reduce related crime and take the money OUT of the hands of organized crime.

Only a fool thinks that drug laws do anything more than keep the street prices high.  Ask yourself….Pick a drug any drug, could you find that drug in 24 hrs if you wanted it?  Of course you could.  Does anyone really think that making something illegal will prevent someone from getting it if they want it?

Not just drugs but prostitution as well.

Maybe what I put into my body in the privacy of my own home really should be nobody’s business but my own. Particularly not the governments.  The supposed cure for drug abuse created far more problems than the abuse did.

Will we ever wake up to this fact or will we continue to throw BILLIONS of dollars and essentially ALL of our civil liberties into a so called war on plants?



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Saturdays are Fun days

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  1. I can agree with your article to a certain degree. The problem will be the vast amount of idiots that will get high and get behind the wheel of a car. Too many idiots out there.

  2. Karmafan, unfortunately those same idiots are getting behind the wheel of a car while high, the only differences are they deal with organized crime every time they buy their dope, their drugs cost twice as much and they risk going to prison every time they get within fifty feet of their drugs. I say legalize all drugs, tax them at a 50% rate (for non prescription use) and watch the money flow into our government to improve roads, schools, medical care, etc. I don’t think much will change other than we won’t have our prisons full of drug users (also saving us billions of dollars a year).

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