Rob and Lizard Get a Year and a Day

making them eligible for parole in ten months.

Remember me telling you they got a sweetheart deal?  They did, their total fines: $0.00

In other words they didn’t have anything, so instead of money they will pay with time in jail, most likely a minimum security club fed.

Did they make the smart move, without a doubt, but the smarter move would have been to avoid the situation that landed them in this position in the first place, challeneging the feds to come get you is …well…stupid.

Rob and Lizard will be out before Max even gets transferred to his permanent digs most likely.

I have heard conjecture that Rob cut a deal with the Feds in exchange for information on his family members including his Uncle Chuck Zane and his father, but that kind of rumor is always going to come up in a situation like this one, it isn’t that I don’t think Rob would because basically he is a pussy, and he would, I think. But I doubt he did because I dont think he knows anything they wouldn’t already have.

I do think it sucks, I don’t like the concept of obscenity being a crime to begin with, but the whole arbitrary nature in which something is decided to be obscene is an affront to anyone who believes in free speech and  justice.

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Rob and Lizard Get a Year and a Day

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  1. An added note…
    In the federal prosecutorial system (let’s face it, we can no longer in good conscience refer to it as the “judicial” system, as that would imply some sort of “justice”), the time served and the basic conviction is far more important to the prosecutors than fines or retribution. This is almost always the case, even when large amounts could be paid into the government or back to victims. The reason is simple. U.S. prosecutors are “graded” by how many people they can put behind bars, and for how long. The higher number of convictions also add to their political boasts when they get ready to run for office.

    Just my nickle’s worth,

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