Revolution Or Just Looting?

This whole thing in Baltimore bothers me.

On the one hand I applaud revolution.  The militarization of police forces across this country is an appalling occurrence, and it pleases me when the citizens stand up and say for one thing you are no longer going to trample my rights and for another you seem to be forgetting who works for whom.  I am tired of the police serving their masters in government and acting as intermediary toll collectors.  It has gotten to the point that I would have more respect for the cops that took a bribe and used it to better their own lives, instead of those of their masters.

But is that what is happening here?  Sadly it isn’t.  Whatever good message they may be  propagating by their civil disobedience is eclipsed by the animals that are stealing and destroying the property of the very own neighbors.  While Dr King had it right in that change should be instigated by peaceful means Chairman Mao also got it right when he said change must come through the barrel of a gun.

Unfortunately we have allowed our politicians to usurp our constitutionally recognized rights in the name of wars on drugs, terror, poverty, crime…pick one or all of the above.  Just as those rights had to be taken by force they will now have to be reclaimed by force.

What we have happening in Baltimore is more just an excuse for a bunch of animals to act like savages than it is to bring any real change.

That’s just sad.


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Revolution Or Just Looting?

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  1. To me, it’s a two sided coin. The police have militarized against what is clearly an increasing threat against their well being. Police no longer feel safe to answer a call alone, and many places they won’t answer a simple call with less than a few cars for the simple reason that it’s just not safe.

    I am all for the concept of #blacklivesmatter but I think it should be #alllivesmatter – and only when the person in question was minding about their own life to start with. Every time I see this it’s people coming out to protest against some agressive, nasty, or even criminal individual who wasn’t smart enough to shut up and let them put the cuffs on when they get caught out.

    The true problems of the people seems to start with themselves, their communities, their families, and their total lack of respect for anyone. Police are militarized against it, and it’s just making it all worse. The fix is relatively simple, but I doubt the thug life types will want to change.

  2. The crips and the bloods have killed more black people than every single law enforcement agencey and the KKK going back to 1860. The astronomical number of black children withoug fathers in their lives is the number one problem in the black community, sad but true.

  3. Why is it one or the other? The vacillation between ‘there all animals’ to ‘cool revolution’ is silly. I assume you are viewing these events through the lens of cable news as many are, so keep that grain of salt handy to take with the images you are shown. There are clearly people who want change to what they see as a fundamental problem and there are clearly people wanting to cause chaos/harm and were given an opportunity. One does not cancel out the other. Trying to judge it as one event instead of judging individual actions harshly seems wrong headed. I don’t think it’s a ‘this or that’ as your title implies.

  4. I find poverty/incarceration in disproportionate amounts way more concerning than purely the idea of not having a dad. One obviously contributes to the other, but I think the root lies way more in what I stated than just the concept of not having a dad. I mean it’s not optimal, but I feel like you could easily do more in life with upward mobility and no father than no mobility and a dad. Again neither of those scenarios is optimal, but you stating what the “number one problem” is as a point of fact felt like in needed some questioning.

  5. 67% of black families are single parent households (,868,867,133,38/10,168,9,12,1,13,185/432,431) . Some of that can be attributed to black on black crime causing the deaths of young african american males but the larger problem is that black males don’t have a mentality of taking responsibility/care of their families that they help create. By that I mean “in general” many young black males think about booty calls and hooking up and when they “make a life” they choose to not pay child support or be in that child’s life as a parental figure.

  6. Mainstream Media is harping on Baltimore Mayor telling cops to stand down Monday night and finally noticing social media accounts with a Ferguson overlap for presence during looting.

    I say ‘finally’ because months before people started wearing ‘Assata Taught Me’ shirts and Mumia got sick the political agendas behind #BlackLivesMatter were blatant.

    Obama is using DOJ, IRS even the Labor Relations Board portion of DOL as cudgels on US citizenry. The cudgel is used expressly to shut down opposition or force agendas IG funding the Democrat party off the backs of fast food workers via SEIU….

    Our President literally advocated Civil Disobedience to push for $15 per hour while he directed the labor relation board to allow unionization of privately owned small businesses that use the franchise model to employ tax paying workers. This has nothing to do with a living wage and everything to do with SEIU dues the same way these riots have nothing to do with blacks killed by cops.

    The week of March 11th four black cops were killed and three white cops shot in one night. Two shot in Ferguson finally garnered a tweet by POTUS re the two Ferguson officers. POTUS kept his commitment to a California Fundraising event & late night talk show where he expressed concern for the Ferguson cops said nothing about the four dead cops or seriously injured Suffolk County NY cop when he insisted we ought not let cop shootings distract from bigger issues.

    Last night every connected politician or talking head spouted the same crap…don’t let the riots distract from the larger issues. In case anyone isn’t familiar with Mumia, he is in a PA jail for killing a cop in 1980..Assata aka Joanne Chesimard killed a NJ state trooper (iirc 1970) then escaped from jail in the mid 70’s which brought a fresh round of riots to NJ from Newark, Trenton, Asbury, Long Branch and many more….today Assata Shakur has asylum in Cuba and holds the distinction of being the first woman on the FBI most wanted terrorists list.

    The agenda includes teaching days for passing on what Assata taught to ‘peaceful protestors’ via ACORN in its various Non-profit organizational reincarnations.

  7. Lurking do you read what you type before you hit the POST IT button? I’m guessing you probably have a 500 page Manifesto typed up somewhere.

  8. It’s always going to be an “Us vs. Them” situation. We’re the stupid human race and by our human nature we separate ourselves off into groups we’re familiar with. Honestly, when it comes to black folks in America I think they should be paid reparations because they made people a lot of money back before the Civil War. How much? I say give them several southern states like Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina and whatever more to even the score. It’s only fair and I think in the long run people would get along better.

    Right now, we’re just a cesspool destroying ourselves from within.

  9. @karmafan
    Yes I read it, no manifesto, clearly object to Dem politics.

    See anything factually incorrect?

  10. So here’s the funny twist to the story:

    The guy died not from police brutality, but because of poor police transport methods.

    Think about that for a second. Basically, they tossed him in the back of the paddy wagon, didn’t secure him, and then drove around town with an angry, shackled man bouncing off the walls. The driver even apparently stopped to check on the guy, and instead of getting the medics out to take care of him, just slammed the door and went back to driving. (or so the story goes).

    The result is 6 cops charged, and likely all of them will skate because there is going to be a whole lot of finger pointing and rule quoting that it’s the wagon driver who should have checked, but then the rest of them get some too for arresting a guy without real cause and putting in that position. The highest it will go is manslaughter, and even then, the prosecutor would have to show actions that they knew would lead to the result. The cuffing and shackling is pretty normal for a combative prisoner. Not belting him down may be something that happens if the risk if too high for officers to get in to try to secure him. At best, the officer not getting the medics in half way MIGHT be na issue, but only if he can show that the guy was in fact hurt at that point (and not after that point).

    It’s an ugly deal with no winners, a long legal process that will likely lead to some more riot style looting a year or two from now.

  11. Not to mention the thugs family is sniffing around for a payday. The guy had an extensive record for drugs.

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