Real Man Rides

I ask you what a real man drives, you probably immediately think  “Pick Up Truck” and you are right. Real men drive pickup trucks, they do not drive Volkswagon Beetles, no even the originals. They sometimes drive 2 seater sports cars but this is only during a brief period called “Mid Life Crisis” then they come to their senses and buy a truck. Odd as it sounds real men also drive Volvo Station Wagons, I know at least two real men who love them.


But there are more ways to get around than just 4 wheels ya know. Some real men prefer to fly, for example, I can assure you they dont fly hang gliders, real men fly real airplanes like the Stearman Bi Plane.And as Ohio Flyboy can tell ya they also fly (or flew) various Bombers and fighters and Im not talking computerized F22As, Im talking propellors.


Real men don’t drive convertibles either, But they do Drive Harleys.  While you can also see real men on Triumphs and Indians you wont see them on “crotch rockets” or any other form of “rice burner”


Real men work too, they have real jobs that often require them to travel. Like This one:


And when real men take out on the water, there is nothing on earth more real man than this:


And for the ulitmate in real man travel this is the Mercury Capsule, can you imagine climbing into that little thing and sitting on top of enough explosives to blow you OUT of earths atmosphere? Only to come crashing back to crash into the Indian Ocean someplace?  Ya that takes balls the size of grapefruits.


Think about this when you climb into your Prius today.


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Real Man Rides

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  1. Hey Volvos are HOT…. Come to think of it, Mike, you may have hit on an even deeper issue. Most men get married young, live a boring life, and sometime in their late 40’s or 50’s try to compensate for lost opportunities by driving sports cars and dating younger women. I may be the reverse of that. Hell, the Volvo station wagon (I prefer the XC-70) my be my version of a mid-life crisis.

    Just a thought,

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