PWL Users Exposed Part II

This is the rest of the list of PWL users…Thanks to the person who sent me this.

Click here for the list

Again if you see anyone you can shed light on let me know.

52310cookie-checkPWL Users Exposed Part II

PWL Users Exposed Part II

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4 Responses

  1. Here is what sticks out to me:

    Misti Dawn — I have spoke to her on ADT a few times (she is an alt-porn performer, actually quite cute), she seems like a decent person, I suspect she is one of the people attempting to take Doinkey down (similar to my sentiments about Monica Foster and possibly Porno Dan from the first list). Obviously if you find out otherwise, these people would be fair game.

    Darrah Ford — As you know she is a blogger, I suspect she is registered for the same reason I cite for Misti and Monica and also to report on what happens there.

    Mark Felt — A guy with that handle posts here (very against the Doinkey), obviously either a fake name (IIRC that was the name of Deep Throat in the 70’s prosecution of Tricky Dick, so that is possible) or another secret agent against the Doinkey.

    Pharmacy Generic AZ — A spammer, I hope Doinkey’s sites get hundreds of these. In May and June, we had over 50 attempted out of the country member wanna-bes with spammer hits on their IP just in one small cell phone forum (I am an admin for that forum).

    Sorry, Dirty Bob’s name is not on this list. Hopefully he is not still laughing. The Doinkey et. al.’s actions on PWL are reprehensible. I hope you get the opportunity to go to Thailand with ten of your strongest and best friends, tie him up six ways from Sunday and cut his balls and dick off (and maybe shove them in his ass) while he is still awake and able to feel pain. Drawing and quartering would also be appropriate in this case. If I could afford a ticket to Thailand, I would volunteer to be one of those ten.

  2. Yes Mark, seriously. I still subscribe to the old ways of crime and punishment. I think if you do something substantial like (theoretically) put the life of people in danger (which he did by publishing real name, address, birth date, probably Social Security Numbers will show up as well), you should be physically punished. Caning, whipping, drawing and quartering, disembowelment, drowning, hanging by the neck, etc. I think if the US went to public physical punishment for these types of crimes, the incidence of them would decrease. Require the local TV stations to broadcast these punishments, do them in a public square with free admittance for the public, and with murderers and rapists make it slow and painful! It works in Singapore, it would work here.

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