PWL Update


It’s been down since Thursday and it looks better every day that it won’t be back.  Donny, is of course, posting on his blog that “they” haven’t decided if it will return as though there’s some group of people that make the decision. Truth is that Donny owns the URL, we know that from records obtained from GoDaddy, the registrar.  Donny is the ONLY person that could put it back up and if he does, we are ready to rain hell fire on his ass.

He also mentions it’s for sale for 40K LOL….dropping the price again….newsflash Donny it aint worth 400 bucks.

Meantime, I’m having a good weekend, enjoying the summer and hope you are too.

If you are a new reader you may want to go to the categories drop down and check out Best of or something…there’s a lot more here than just some moron crying for attention.

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PWL Update

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  1. I am glad your weekend is going well. I am also glad to hear that Donny’s PWL site is still amongst the missing. Maybe this is finally the end of this problem, I certainly hope so.

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