Prostitution or Marriage Which is More Expensive?

On average, a man will spend close to $13K per year on a woman. $12K of which is spent between November and February.

Thats according to this article on MSN

Now that got me to thinkin…If you hit it 3 times a week thats just under 100 bucks a throw.

Makes a pretty good argument for marriage, presuming you don’t mind the same meal every time.

Till I got to thinking about the  costs they didn’t factor in, the bigger house, additional food and utilities usage and all that, of course I didn’t factor in that she may work either. Even though it has been my experience that when thats the case what I earn is OUR money and what she earns is HER money.  OK guys y’all figure it out from here….

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Prostitution or Marriage Which is More Expensive?

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2 Responses

  1. What about these angles?

    • Instead of “hitting it” 3 times a week for an average of $83.33 (assume you were rounding up to the $100), be more realistic and use a “hit it” number we can truly believe. Let’s say, 3 a month, making the average $361.11 or $400 if we continue rounding up. This is actually very much in line with trends-expenses when you look at what most escort fees are and the frequency of client return.
    • Marry a woman that earns equal or more then yourself. AND… it’s actually a partnership where all monies and expenses are shared. Making that bigger house and higher expense nothing more then a higher standard of living.
    • Open marriage – Swing lifestyle. Enabling you to have a higher standard of living PLUS variety. Let’s face it, no matter how much you love steak, pizza & tacos are a nice change of pace.
    • Marry a bi-sexual escort who likes to swing and believes in the shared monies-expenses concept. This is the option I recommend. However, if you opt for this, you must maintain your job and duties as a husband-friend-etc. Not doing so will cause undesired consequences.

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