Pounding Dave Pounder

Everyone in porn seems to need a scapegoat, this time it’s Dave Pounder.

Dave has always been pro condom, he complained about not being able to get work because of it ever since he began in the biz.

But blaming him for the Cal-OSHA decision is simply cowardice, truth is the one person who did the most damage with his testimony was Darren James but you won’t be seeing him getting the blame, nor should he get the blame. For all the talk about him doing a Brazilian hooker or whatever it is equally likely that he actually got it from Laura Roxx, and who was it that brought Laura into the biz? A scumbag named Dugmor, may as well blame him….

So California paid for Pounders travel expenses, nothing unusual about that, nor is there anything diabolical about it, he wasn’t paid for his testimony as some have implied although even that is not, in and of itself, diabolical, it happens all the time, if you are taken away from your job you are entitled to compensation for moneys lost.

But its easy to blame Pounder, he wasnt much of a performer and he isnt “one of us” anymore so lets lay it off on him instead of putting the responsibility where it belongs.

Where is that you ask? Look in the mirror.

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Pounding Dave Pounder

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