Please Pay Attention to the Author Line in Posts

I have several people currently writing for, they may post at will and posts are not reviewed or necessarily the position of me.

I like having people in the industry contribute here and I have no problem if they don’t agree with me, I even encourage it!  That’s what it’s all about, when we come together, we learn from each other.

I got excoriated from a few people about the last post by Michael Payne, seems some of you thought I wrote it.

So please before y’all shout at me make sure the byline is Mike South

I am always looking for contributors who can write…to me that means get a point across, express an opinion properly, so if you can and would like an authors login here I will be happy to make that happen!

Thanks Y’all…..South

142260cookie-checkPlease Pay Attention to the Author Line in Posts

Please Pay Attention to the Author Line in Posts

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  1. Hey Mike, Just so you are aware, when using a mobile device the default mobile view for your site does not include the “Author Line” with article posts. I know that is why I and a couple others were not clear that it was someone else authoring that post. I didn’t realize that was the issue until someone else pointed it out to me.

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