Performers Are Moving on to Other Things

The more I stay at the top the more the lesser sites want to try to build some creds off of me by trying to provoke me into a response.  not gonna happen really.  I have too many things on my plate to worry about has beens and never will be’s.

One of the things I have been watching is the exodus of performers, most of whom are moving away from shooting for others and concentrating more on either escorting, doing their own product including cam shows or both. has always been a popular site but it is growing rapidly.  When you look at the “new stores” you see more and more performers monetizing content that they own on there.  You also have lots of popular performers that now only shoot for their own sites.

Many performers make more money in a day on cam sites than they would in a week doing porn in Porn Valley, without the hassles.

As one former magazine model and porn star told me “It just isn’t worth it anymore, between the STI’s and the guys that would rather be with other guys I just decided to do it my way, I can use condoms if I want, I can pick my own guys and I have control over the situation and I make more money, The real money is in owning your own brand.”

There is a lot of truth in that as well many of porns wealthiest girls never did anything in porn valley, instead they turned to the internet and made bank, Be it Wifey or Lady Sonya or Carol Cox, Kelly Madison, Raven Riley and a few that did do porn like Devon Michaels, Vicky Vette, Sara Jay, Kayden Kross the list is long, they have found that dealing directly with the customer and cutting out the middle man is a better way to go.

If you have experience with this good or bad I’d love to hear from you, email me.


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Performers Are Moving on to Other Things

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  1. Clips4sale takes 40% which is a ripoff. You’re better off shooting your own content and buying ads using traffic brokering services or buying ads with Google Adwords. They are still better then AEBN which takes 90%. People have to be complete idiots and think their content is worthless to use AEBN.

  2. Really c4s is the best option going for most no startup fees no mastercard visa fees yes they take 40% but thats the lowest of anyone hotmovies for example takes 60%

    plus C4S buys a LOT of traffic and they let you brand your content. All in all they get high marks 40% aint a bad deal for what they provide really.

  3. Own your video soul, performers! No need to let others make money off your talents anymore since EVERYONE has a high-def camera on your effin phones!!!! Down with the asswipes who want you to DIE so they can make money off your video soul (I’m looking at you, Steve “hazmat suit idiot” Hirsch)!!!

  4. Nick East, I’m sure people are lined up around the block for your videos. Best sellers I’m sure.

  5. Seriously, Chris… What Nick is saying is true…he’s trying to help people… if you want to disagree with him…fine…but what’s with the personal attack?

  6. Personal attack? Kate, you need to relax. I’m breaking his balls, busting his chops. Guys do that. Granted I think the idea of leading people to think they can make a living off a clips(4)sale store is a bad idea but if like you it and it works for you then great. More power to you. I’m sure guys like Dick Chibbles will get alot of sales because he is a stud muffin. Right? Right?

  7. I bust chops a lot in my personal life as well. However when you are using the written word such things as the inflection in your voice and the look on your face are not available to tell people that you are busting chops. Therefore in fora (the plural of forum) such as this people get offended more easily as they think you are dead serious instead of just busting their chops. You can use smilies (type a : then a ) without any spaces between them for a smile, it will look like this on the Institute site 🙂 once posted). On such fora as Adult DVD Talk you can usually attach one or more of a list of smilies by entering the advanced post menu or selecting a hyperlink that will bring a list up for you to cut and paste into your post.

  8. Hey that is fucked up. Shooting during a mort shutdown!
    Mike south favorite sell.out girl
    Nina Mercedes shot too!

  9. To me the problem here is really no different from other things I see online, the “success” stories tend to come as a result of the previous system, and not the current system, let me explain:

    Basically, each of these methods of marketing work mostly for known brands. What I mean is that a newbie girl who wants to be a “star” can’t just set up a c4s page and hope to make a boat load of money. It might work for some, but mostly it’s a non-starter.

    They can work as cam girls, but cam girls rarely get famous unless they are either so weird that people talk about them, or because they otherwise stand out in an extremely market. Think “naked Boxxee with big tits” and you might have something. Mostly, it’s not happening.

    So really, what has to happen is, like it or not, you either have to earn a name in porn videos, or have a website that is part of a program that actually actively promotes you and gets your name out there, or you are not going to be high enough profile to make money the other ways.

    As you say “the list is long” but it’s all a list of people who have already made their names and paid their price on the way up, it’s not a new business model, it’s the left overs of the spoiled feast.

  10. @ Nick at lesst you didnt hsve to
    Use Viagra like Dick chibbles and
    Kissing ass like he does.

    Dick Chibbles has to.make a living
    Driving a truck now.
    See where being a ass kisser
    will get you? Thank god Im in a Good Union. By the way when is the next Vivid Salad tossing auditions.

  11. I hear from Nick East that Marcia Hirsch at Vivid will toss your salad for free. I recently saw her on a video clip (in a non-porn capacity), she isn’t great looking but I can’t say she is super ugly like Nick seems to insinuate in his comments on this site. If they would hire me to be a director at six figures I would consider letting her stick her tongue into my ass once in a while assuming she has a clean VD test from TTS or CET (after I cleaned my ass out of course, no need of making the boss’s sister throw up on his nice new carpet from getting shit on her tongue). Since she is female (and I am male) it certainly isn’t gay even though the idea doesn’t really turn me on, I guess I am neutral to the idea of a woman licking on my asshole. I doubt I am her type, however. I suspect she would like homeless #40’s ass more than my very substantial derriere.

  12. @mharris127: Liar! You hear NOTHING from me!!! I’ve never called Marci ‘ugly’ and I didnt’ ‘insinuate’ it either! Who are you? I am sooooo sick of anonymous people saying anything they want around here!!! Who the flipping f**k are you, mharris127? If I’m talking to you then who the f**k are you? F**king liars!!! What I say about Marci is that she treats Vivid talent like house slaves and the rest of the talent like back yard slaves! Don’t dare try to tell other people that I talk to you and tell them what I fu**ing say!!! A note to talent: If Marci hits on you and you rebuff (that means you turn her down) her, expect to NEVER be hired by Vivid again, and expect her to hire the O.T.O. to make you miserable to the point of suicide like she did with Jon Dough and Cal Jammer. And it’s a shame it didn’t work with Marc Wallace, eh? Yeah, fuck you, Mark Goldberg!!! You knew what you were doing, asshole! I saw it in your eyes as you tried to get out of doing anal with Ann Marie, fuckhead!

  13. Producers in Porn Valley need to get rid of LA direct, ATMLA.
    OCM..101 Models. All Dangerous to the Porn Industry with Escorts
    And HIV Potential and other diseases. They’ll go under if you
    Don’t book their talent.
    No shutdowns.

  14. I apologize for evidently referencing your comment in a manner that left you in such an angry state. When a person “hears” about something from someone, the term could also mean read, this is just the way the English language works. I had assumed that people here were educated enough to get the distinction.

    Kate, according to a Monica Foster video the OTO is a satanic organization that does the bidding of porn producers. It does not actually exist to my knowledge. If you can find the videos she made they are so asinine that they’re funny. Nick may be referring to some other organization, though so you may want to ask him personally.

  15. @mharris127:
    Nick already answered my question.
    And nick never said or insinuated that marci Hirsch is “super ugly.”
    and you’re not sorry for what you said or you wouldn’t have made that smart ass remark about “assuming people were educated enough to get the distinction.” Nick’s smart.

    I also notice from your comments regarding weinstein etc… that your views are different then Nicks. I gonna guess that’s why you took the cheap swipe at him… Sad.

  16. @mharris127:
    Didn’t you say you’re not in the industry and you suffer with bipolar disorder?

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