People Aren’t As Dumb As Aim Thinks

By now pretty much everyone knows who tested positive. But How?  Well read on:

“From a guy from who was there … Kaycee  went to a set and fucked a lot of guys. When they were put on the quarantine list people just started matching who worked with whom and with the simple logic of process of elimination it traced back to one person. Especially when people are identified at “patient zero” and “round one”, “round two” etc.”

There are now 50+ guys on the q-list as second gen exposures.

The 800 lb gorilla in the room is everyone waiting to see if Kaycee tests positive.  If that happens the whole talent pool pretty much becomes a 2nd gen exposure.  Worse yet if she skips town and nobody knows then what?

I have said it before and I will say it again, If you are confirmed positive in this business and wouldn’t come forward GET THE FUCK OUT!  You are a class A dirtbag and we don’t need you.

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People Aren’t As Dumb As Aim Thinks

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  1. The gay insutry doenst quarantine performers,,,they knowingly hire HIV positive performers. AIM is just doing their legal dutry by contacting all possibly infected partners, in reality they are doing nothing more than any other medical facility would be doing, as they are required to to by law. And despite all the rumblings from county health and AHF about not being prudent,,,,IF AIM were NOT following the law they wuld be getting called on it. AIM has NEVER been cited for a single violation by the county steate or feds. Despite all the accusatons of misconduct bycounty health, they have NEVER issued a single citation.(darren james took an outof court settlement,,,but even regarding his accusations of HIPPA violtins,,,HIPPA took NO action)

  2. So Mike, what you are saying is that this “Kaycee” did a scene with the apparent patient zero, and then did a number of other scenes with other guys in short order after that? A gangbang, or something? If that is right, then there is a whole lot of “third level” exposures hoping like hell that “Kaycee” comes back clean for the next few tests, or they will make it to 2nd level.

  3. Ahh, the off hours fuck buddy. Now that is one of those problem areas, where personal life and professional life overlap. We can hope for her sake (and the others she has worked with) that she somehow managed to avoid the bullet in the HIV-roulette gun. But you spin that thing often enough, well…

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