Patrick Makes The Call

For the whining and bitching and all that around the whole Angelina Armani thing Dan Davis didn’t break the the story, nor did Gene nor, technically, did I.  It was Patrick who made the call, here, on Oct 4th. so no I didn’t know about it two weeks ago before it happened, but my readers did know 4 days before it happened.

But come on the grand scheme of things this whole thing got way more ink than it deserved, maybe Dan was just milking it for all he could. They even went as far as calling the lovely and talented Kayden my source…look at the story I posted you idiots….look at the comments….there’s the source right there.

Congrats to Digital Playground and to Angelina Armani. You can see her in Tampa at the Nightmoves Show this weekend.

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Patrick Makes The Call

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