OK maybe I’m Missing Something You Guys Tell Me

I have been calling for the person(s) who tested positive to come forward and identify themselves.  In the interest of simply doing the right thing.

John Stagliano did it.

If  “Patient Zero” had come forward and set the record straight this issue would have been little more than a passing mention in mainstream press, companies would still be able to shoot, people would still be working and performers minds would be at ease.

Why would someone chose not to do this?  What good purpose does it serve?  John Stagliano was viewed as brave and as a good responsible human being for doing so.  This person is being viewed as a total scumbag.

What am  I missing here y’all?

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OK maybe I’m Missing Something You Guys Tell Me

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10 Responses

  1. I think that in the end, AIM may have a legal obligation at some point to announce the name, even if the performer does not want to himself / herself. AIM are the ones issuing the “clear”, why should they not also be announcing the “not clear”?

    It is true though, the performer in question should “man up” and come forward, nothing is being gained at this point. His or her name will come out, it will be known, and in the meantime, a whole industry is sitting tied in knots because the performer doesn’t have the guts to come forward.

    It’s almost like an ugly conspiracy, where AIM doesn’t want to announce and the performer feels no desire to. So everyone else waits like idiots with death sentences hanging over their heads. I will be shocked if one, the other, or both don’t end up on the receiving end of legal action of some sort, this seems almost criminal.

  2. The sad thing is this should never have happened. AIM has had a year since the last clusterfuck to put in place a process to deal with this situation. It wasn’t done.

  3. Ummm, the very public stigma of being HIV positive? Cut them some slack. It must be a horrible thing to hear and maybe they haven’t processed it within themselves yet.

  4. Stigma? Give me a break, a gay porn performer is concerned about his social stigma?

    Please tell me at what point concern for his “stigma” outweighs those of performers who have no idea if they have been exposed or not? and whether they have exposed anyone, or will expose anyone?

    Yes it’s a horrible thing to hear but its far more horrible if his being a scumbag and an ass hat costs someone their life.

    my $0.02

  5. Yeah, but you’re forgetting there may actually be some people who don’t KNOW he’s a gay porn actor. I’ve never heard of either of the guys you mentioned as a possiblity, and I’m sure with all the news stations reporting this is going to go beyond the porn circle. And it won’t be long till someone attaches a picture to the story.

  6. well.. Even in the gay community there is a stigma against gays with HIV.
    To say someone should OUT themselves and saying you would do it.. truth is no one knows what they would do until it happens to them. This isn’t something that you are told and you go home and have dinner with your family like nothing… its something very tragic that has happen to them in their life..

    People that go into the business know the risk that it can happen, and they are willing to take the risk, they also know that when they test, they know if there is a positive they cannot be told. Now there is a positive they want to know? DO I blame them? of course not, who doesn’t want to know. But its a risk that you take being in the business.

    There was a comment about you don’t know who is bumping uglys in their personal life, true, but when your filling out the partner notification sheet, you don’t go over just the people your in business with you also go over any and all people involved.. There was another person who stated “what if they forgot to mention you or you forget who you worked with” to me thats silly, if your doing that many people one would hope you start writing them down at least, but the best way to keep yourself safe is to test anyways.

  7. You’re not missing anything. When it comes to medical issues people deserve the privacy in nearly all cases, but porn is not one of them. It’s incredibly selfish and frankly criminal to know you’re HIV positive and not let everyone know so they can get tested. Privacy goes right out the window when literally dozens of other people could be infected.

  8. Brian jay says,,,”People that go into this busines know the risk….”

    True,,,but that goes for more than the perfromers.

    PRODUCERS, who choose to go into this business, who CHOOST to hire people to take risks that they are fully aware of, need to be held accountable. If not for the PORDUCERS, none of this would be happening. PRODUCERS CHOOSE to be in this business too, and they need to be held accountable for who they CHOOSE to hire.

    When you HIRE somebody to take a risk that you plan to make a profit from, you are responsible for your choices. Producers are the ones who set the wheels in motion, and the buck stops with them. This isnt your privated bedroom, it is a workplace.

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