OK It Just HAD To Be Done

This is one of those posts that just doesnt need words If you know thats Rob Black in the foreground and Gene Ross in the background

Rob  Black and Gene Ross It's not quite as gay as "Twilight"
Rob Black and Gene Ross
It’s not quite as gay as “Twilight”
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OK It Just HAD To Be Done

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  1. Best. Post. Ever.

    No one cares what either of those losers say. They really need to get real jobs.

  2. I have a feeling those losers are about to F everyone in the A in the very near future. If there is a way to steal the biz from everyone then I think they have figured out how.

    Was the Rossi thing reader mail? If not, then call them out on a lie.

  3. Run away from bob and gene.
    If you want a business and or
    Fuck on camera. Both is not way to Sacramento… ikes..

  4. supposedly Blob Whack is meeting with some government officials this week, so he definitely has something up his sleeve. All part of his little vendetta stemming from the industry shunning him when he was up on obscenity charges, I think he concocted a whole plan while doing time.

  5. and the idea of government officials meeting with a moron who believes HIV can be transmitted by a handshake is beyond absurd.

  6. Rob has had something up his sleeve since he started. I believe officials would meet with him and work with him. The gov busted his ass, beat him down to nothing, and now they can make a success story out of Rob. They can claim that they cleaned up his act and he’s working for them now stopping the same kind of stuff he used to do. They can say that they converted the dirtiest pornographer and now control porn.

    Now would be the time to get rid of all of your dirty laundry to be on the safe side.

    All of the advice we’ve been hearing lately was stuff Rob said. Rob was right. With the government making sure people can still shake hands in the biz it may not be all that bad.

  7. Rob Black is so immature and pathetic. He rants and raves like an idiot calling people names. He is such as wanna-be its pathetic. He watched a few gangster movies so he calls people “marks”. He keeps talking about cross-overs and guys doing gay shoots and yet his best friend Tom Byron has crossed over and done gay shoots. Here is a shoot of Mr. Byron ass fucking a tranny. I dont see any rubbers:


    Rob Black has an answer for EVERYTHING so I’m sure he’ll be able to explain why his buddy is fucking another guy.

  8. sachertorte, try using a proxy service like hidemyass.com or zend2.com, the link and the graphic pics of tom sucking tranny cock and ass fucking the tranny are still online.

  9. If Rob talked like a politician who would listen to his show? Him being immature doesn’t say anything about what he’s been saying about the industry. It is like saying he is right, but pathetic. That’s a compliment. He admits he is pathetic.

    Ron Jeremy did trannies back in the day too. Around the same time people also let children play with lawn darts. We grow as humans and learn. Find pictures not from the late 70’s and 80’s.

  10. The point is that Rob Black is and has been on his own personal vendetta for years. It’s all about HIM. It has nothing to do with “protecting” performers. He’s still a vile P.O.S. and a hypocrite.

  11. I don’t doubt that for a second.

    We shouldn’t be talking about Rob Black though. It isn’t about “him”, but the safety of performers. That’s the conversation that should be happening. That’s what he is doing. (With poor production value)

    Protecting the guys and gals is a good thing. What he has done in the past doesn’t make protecting the welfare of performers bad. He was on America’s Most Wanted wasn’t he? That’s gangster enough for me. I could be wrong about that though. He was on some crime show for something non obscenity case. That doesn’t make protecting the workers bad.

    Every bit of advice the performers, FSC, AVN, and even here have been putting out was already said by Black. Now that it appears as though the government is behind him he can go about his vendetta against those he wants to. He’ll only be able to do it if they were doing something wrong. How is that bad?

  12. it’s the fact that he’s obviously a driving force behind this, and the reasons behind that, is what makes it bad.

  13. Funny! I never did know what Gene Ross actually looked like, I imagined a red-faced, messy looking alcoholic but he seems to look clean here.

    As for Rob Black, he does seem to have a vendetta against the biz, doesn’t he. Rob actually has a few good ideas but the way he acts on his radio show and the fact that his checks from 1993 are still bouncing all over Chatsworth turn me off.

  14. Gene Still looks pretty red. And as for Rob Black, he is an eternal bottom-feeding slime-creature.

  15. Bob likes Pot ! Gene is a Vodka drinker and likes other booze.
    You can tell a drinker face and he has one.
    Sad when you literally have a billboard on your face advertising it.
    I am a alcoholic and live in denial.

    The whole porn industry is in serious denial.

  16. By the way Mike like that one! Good paste and cut picture.
    Also like the one Gene did on you and Derrick in bed together!

    That is really funny! Made my Monday!

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