Not Three’s Company

Nobody does these things like Will Ryder.  It’s actually pretty spot on but the one thing I noticed is that the girls on the DVD cover looked EXACTLY like the promo for the old TV show and nothing like their porn counterparts.

I also hear that there is a lawsuit around this video…bet I know what it is….

Photoshop can get ya in big trouble when used that way guys….

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Not Three’s Company

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  1. Mike, not sure what you are getting at regarding our spoofed versions of Janet and Chrissy versus the original Janet and Chrissy from Three’s Company.

    The entire point of our X-Play sitcums is to get the overall look as close to the original TV show as possible and then create hilarious parody from that point on. Of course the girls on our box cover look like the TV show characters and no longer like their “porn counterparts” because we are not portraying Penny Flame and Brynn Tyler but are attempting to create the illusion of Janet, Chrissy, Jack and the rest of the gang.

    That is Penny and Brynn on our box cover and I am glad you think we hit the nail on the head. I guess that is why we are enjoying so much success with these X-Play movies because we do sweat every detail. We would never put the images of the original Hollywood actresses on our box materials because I would be afraid that Suzanne Somers would stick my head between her Thigh Master and crack away. Hmmmm, Suzanne Somers’ thighs? Not a bad place to be. I hope she likes the movie.

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