No I Don’t Help Girls Get Into The Business Anymore

She asked me if I still help girls get into the business. I told her no without hesitation.  She wanted to know why not and i didn’t even have to think about it, I told her it was because it is a poor choice now.  There is no longer any money in it, shooting in Porn Valley has all but dried up and there are too many girls vying for too little work.  Add to that that the business has become over run with misogynistic scumbags and freak shows and that I could not, in good conscious encourage someone to enter into that.

If they are at least somewhat serious I steer them to the internet side of things, it’s easy enough to set  up a clips4sale store and she will have total control over  her content.  Or shoot for internet sites, they tend to be less competitive but I caution her that scammers abound on craigslist and other places.  I uncovered a big one here in dayton recently, a complete scumbag who goes by the name Greg Flaig, he calls himself executive director of something called the owners coalition and he runs some little sleazy tabloid called Ohio Night Visions, but more on this human debris in another post.

It bugs me to feel this way but I don’t think it is permanent.  I think when the industry is done eating itself something that resembles a new business and a rebirth will emerge.

Until then I would only encourage a girl I thought had a shot at a contract with Digital Playground or someone, a situation where she would be secure and reasonably safe.


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No I Don’t Help Girls Get Into The Business Anymore

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  1. Unfortunately you are 100% correct. IMHO, if a girl is willing to fuck some dumbass while he videotapes it, she ought to be able to make a good living doing it. Today, doing porn is more of something you do as little of as possible before you move to escorting or camming. It’s sad.

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