My Phone Has Been Ringing Off The Hook On Prop 60

Mostly people wanting comments on Prop 60.

It seems that most of the media thinks that this is a condom law, if you look at the headlines, they all say it.  So and so against condom law, or law will require porn performers to use condoms.  if that is what they think I don’t waste my breath.

Prop 60 is is no way shape or form a condom law.  the condom laws are already on the books, prop 60 is nothing more than an enforcement tool, giving the people who have been paying the bills for pornographers fuck ups a way to recoup that money.

On the now rare occasion that I do grant an interview to someone on Prop 60 I have to admit it kinda pains me…I am not big on government control but I am bigger on taking care of our performers, not putting their health at risk and treating them more like human beings and less like livestock, hell farmers take better care of the health of  their livestock.

I gave an interview to a highly respected national magazine last week and I am interested in seeing how it turns out, the reporter clearly understands the issues, both sides.

One thing I want to say to performers, when you speak to a reporter who doesn’t care they are going to parrot what you say so be sure you don’t say things that hurt your cause, like affirming that Prop 60 is a condom law….You see most of mainstream America thinks you SHOULD have to use condoms.

On the other hand when you speak to a reporter who is trying to do a good job and you lie to them, they REALLY don’t like it.  I found myself defending one of the outspoken female performers on prop 60 by telling the reporter that she really wasn’t intentionally lying, she was simply regurgitating what her less than adept handlers at The FSC had told her to say, she really, clearly doesn’t grasp the intent or the history of Prop 60.  needless to say she did far more to harm her cause than she did to help it.

I am bothered by prop 60 to be sure but what bothers me more is that there is, in any way, a necessity for prop 60, as an industry we really can do better….At least I would like to think we can.


139760cookie-checkMy Phone Has Been Ringing Off The Hook On Prop 60

My Phone Has Been Ringing Off The Hook On Prop 60

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  1. I have not followed this in the papers, other than to see what I thought were some silly editorials in California newspapers buying into the line about broken condoms and condom rash. What little I have seen is porn performers positioning this as an affront to their personal liberties, and apparently the media has bought into this as well.

    If the person they were interviewing was a dentist who was going to put his or her ungloved hand into their mouth while he did a 6 month checkup or a urologist who was going to do a prostate exam without a glove, they’d be outraged, even if the dentist and urologist argued that it was an infringement on their freedoms. For whatever reason, porn is looked at differently than any other industry.

  2. As election day dawns on us it seems timely to ask again if FSC and their puppets REALLY won in February when Cal/OSHA voted to let things play out with prop 60 instead of adopting regulations sans the need for bi-annual licensing and reporting every film produced in the state of California.

    Reading a few recent articles lowered my opinion of some longtime reporters and raised the question of how or why they all conveniently omitted the requirement for producers to pay for vaccines and testing.

  3. I think by and large a lot of the mainstream reporting on this is very lazy. Many of the articles are just plain wrong, Just an hour ago I saw one in a long beach paper touting prop 60 as a law requiring condoms.
    In the end I think I may have hit on a reality yesterday, the reality that inspired todays column, and that being that we are just beating a dead horse…there is NO WAY on earth that porn valley is anywhere near the billion dollar range anymore…no way. All in all prop 60 isnt going to mean much pass or fail.

  4. Agree reporters can be lazy still wonder why reporters who previously focused on work-related medical aspect are omitting it on the eve of voting day articles.

    Have to disagree on the significance of prop60 pass/fail.

    Source to end recordkeeping has been challenged to the supreme court where it became an accepted business practice. Porn won’t get a pass on 1A grounds even if they get the bi-annual licensing overturned.

    Almost seems like the voters are being asked to do what Porn has refused to do by distinguishing porn production (cramming) as a regulated (accepted mainstream) workplace vs other sex-work.

    Go back to circa 2004 when testing was touted as the difference between porn production and escort/prostitution and you’ll find the studies done to refute that talking point. Since then with the rise of social media and consumer participation at ‘awards’ events performers are encouraged to market their availability for ‘production’ by announcing their ‘clean test’

    I know for a fact this wasn’t lost on folks for/against exotica coming to Columbus at the end of August. Legislators across the US are watching Prop60 as are municipalities. Don’t forget HOA (Homeowner Assoc) lobbyists who want porn production recognized in their state as a commercial business they can enforce as an exclusion. Some HOA have already written language to define cramming from home like a home office…. it’s all good as long as the Tele-commuter or CPA etc. doesn’t advertise, hang a sign, start bringing clients or noticed traffic around. Doubt I need to say how fast a HOA can shut down ‘model house’ or AirBnB situations.

    Cities with wage taxes want to tap the hidden gold in their jurisdiction. Paying by 1099 doesn’t deter them, it’s actually a resource. 1099 are a paper trail with a social security number and the backing of state and federal treasury departments to help them collect.

    Now for the kicker. Prop60 is tied to OSHA who uses a Full Time Equivalent formula to determine if a establishment meets the threshold for enforcement. Be it plumbing, cleaning, landscape, window cleaning or porn production if the employer meets criteria for x number employees and complaint is filed OSHA must follow through. Doesn’t matter if the cleaning company only sends two or three contracted workers to a site if the employing establishment meets OSHA minimum employee prerequisites.

    OSHA and Worker’s Comp can team up to meet targeted enforcement goals as they have for construction and other rogue businesses. Door to door (magazine) sales is a good example of OSHA ability to solidify opaque workplaces.

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