My Hometown In The News Where Are All The Illegal Immigrants?

OK If you watched the news at all the last couple of days, there’s no doubt you heard about or saw the section 8 Housing riot thing.  If not here’s a local newscast


Now here’s my question.  I hear all the time about how the illegal aliens are coming here and taking advantage of our system. How we need a fence to keep them out.

Funny, I didn’t see a single person who even MIGHT be an illegal alien in that mob, what I did see was a lot of people who certainly seemed able to operate a weed eater., A job that the local landscaping companies can’t seem to fill with citizens from this area. I saw a lot of people who for whatever reason are on the public teat, some of them I am sure need the hand, others…not so much.

So I am supposed to feel better about these people using the government to put a gun to my head and take my money because they are “Americans”?

Give me an illegal Mexican with a weed eater who goes to work everyday to make a better life for himself anytime. Oh and screw that fence…If any of these people wish to leave I wouldn’t want the fence to keep them in here.

I’m just sayin.

40750cookie-checkMy Hometown In The News Where Are All The Illegal Immigrants?

My Hometown In The News Where Are All The Illegal Immigrants?

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  1. It’s too fucking easy to sit home on your ass and collect.

    We have been trying to hire where I work for WEEKS and it’s above minimum wage job, but nobody wants to do it. OR they come in all pumped about how they’ll work any shift/any day, THEN when they’re hired, they start their “I don’t want to work weekends or holidays or nightshift” bullshit. OR we get the people who are just filling in time until their SSI kicks in.

    There’s a hell of a difference between “no jobs” and “no job they’re willing to do when they can sit on their asses and do nothing and still collect”.

  2. I was just talking to a Social Security Disability processor (no, not for myself) recently and she says SSI only pays $674 a month. How do you pay rent, utilities and buy food on that amount of money a month? Granted these people probably get food stamps each month, but rents here in Michigan average $600 a month with the cheapest I see in the paper at $425. Utilities average $300, a phone costs at least $40. Living in the cheapest hellhole someone can find (the $425 figure), I come up with $765 plus whatever clothes, furniture and kitchen supplies cost at the local Goodwill. I can see where there was such a riot for Section 8 vouchers at market rent prices (last I knew Section 8 capped rent at 30 per cent of income, which is about $225 at the current SSI rate). I am sure some people collect welfare (which pays even less) in that crowd, but we for sure should do better for our truly disabled than this!

  3. well for starters most of those people probably arent on SSI, most of them are on afdc and other forms of welfare.

    SSI is based largely on what you paid into it, I think it tops out around 1200/month, at least thats what my statement says I would get should I become disabled today. Which brings me to the point…I didn’t see many disabled people in that video.

  4. They want illegals because you dont have to deal with those nasty protections you need to hire American citizens. Your brother has a guy working on roof the guy falls off, he has insurance to cover the guy and if he didnt he would be sued into the next planet. A illegal falls off the roof, its your fucked Juan goodbye.
    also for the most part no one wants to sit home and make $600 a month, its the bullshit the right pushed welfare queens. But hey we all want cheap goods at our local walmart made in china. This is all blow back from those years of shipping jobs overseas and they aint coming back I dont care if its zero taxes for biz.Zero taxes doesnt compete with 22 cents
    an hour.

  5. My mom and Dad big rnc supporters. my dad died , my mom retired and she works with the court as a child advocate. She bought all the right wing crap and now she saw how shitty these people are treated and how its no bargain. It radically changed her prospective.

  6. This has kinda slid into a welfare issue when originally it wasnt that.

    My original point was why all the ruckus over a handfull of Mexicans who come here, get jobs and try to better their lives….If not for immigrant labor we wouldnt have a rail road system, for one….not to mention guys like Einstein and Werner Von Braun, they weren’t “Americans” but without them I might be writing this “auf Deutsch”

    Like prostitutes these “illegals” are more victims of the government than anyone else. The guy comes here, has a job, goes to work but cant go to anyone if he is abused for fear of the government.

    My little brother has insurance, he tries to hire people to work full time but he cant find people to do the work, even at way more than minimum wage (15-20/hr, they might come to work a day or tweo or even a week then they disappear, he has no choice but to use subcontractors that hire illegal immigrants who provide false documentation and are paid and have all the protections of any US worker….until something happens on the job…he falls off that roof but even though he is covered by his employers workmens comp he wont go because if he does they find out his social security number is fake and he gets deported after they patch him up. Funny thing too he is paying social security….into a system he will never get anything back from. It’s a vicious system.

    Whatever happened to

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

  7. In PA, you get lower rent–our nice apts in PA aren’t usually as high as $600, I’d say closer to $400-450 for a decent apt–or welfare will pay half your rent. And, as part of my job, I fill out their hours, wages, etc, so I know they’re living in this sort of housing, with food stamps, access card for medical needs AND some of them are getting SSI and/or welfare. It does make me kinda chuckle though that some are getting SSI for “mental” issues. Nothing “mental” about someone clever enough to work the system while sitting home on your ass doing nada.

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