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Tim hit on something yesterday that I hear all the time, mostly from chicks, that being that there are no real men left. I guess real men really are a dying breed. My fiance’ Kayden even agrees. I got a few comments and questions so Im gonna answer them and explore this topic a bit further over the next few days.

one guy asked So what do real men listen to?

I would say mostly their wives, but I presume he meant music so lets go there: Most Classic Rock, Frank Sinatra, Richard Wagner, Don Williams, Gordon Lightfoot, Rock and Roll.

What real men don’t listen to or won’t even tolerate is disco, tekno, trance, ska and all the other bastard sons of disco, they don’t listen to whine rock or rap or hiphop,they don’t listen to pop and they don’t even know how to spell Brittany Speers but they would watch her sex tape should it ever come out.

Generally speaking if a female sings it real men don’t particularly care for it however Janice Joplin, Grace Slick, Patti Smith, Lita Ford and others do present exceptions so this is not a hard, fast rule.

They don’t much care for the sound of rice burners or crotch rockets but a Harley is music to a real man’s ears.

They do listen to R&B, While I’m at it they might listen to Rush Limbaugh but they don’t Listen to Sean Hannity, Al Franken or Michael Moore. Most real men just wish the talk radio guys would shut the fuck up, when a real man wants your opinion he will beat it out of you.

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More Real Man Rules

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  1. the *real man* is a myth. the majority of americans will look to adam as the *first* man when anybody with an ounce of critical thinking faculty knows that Genesis is made up bullsh*t. i fall into 95% of the *man* stereotype category but the only criteria in my book is my d*ck. if you got one you’re a dude. some people are born gay but they’re still considered *gay men*.

    anyway so you and kayden engaged? congrats dude.

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