More About those Shots

If your Syphilis has progressed to stage two  those shots they gave will NOT cure you.

Go see a real doctor stop trusting your health with morons.

On a side note Fabian is such a chicken shit mother fucker that he has blocked me from his twitter…now thats all fine and dandy but remember that when he claims I am lying….He doesn’t want me to be able to see or respond to that because he knows I have the truth.


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More About those Shots

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  1. You have be really stupid listen Fabian on Syphilis. He not a doctor or medical train in Syphilis. He spreading same miss guide fairy tale advices FSC is which they are not doctors or medical train deal with Syphilis. Use your common cents porn stars. If get Syphilis listen Fabian he not gone doing nothing for you after listen his advice porn inudsrty.

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