Montana Fishburne Is PR Gold

Ya know you have to give Steve Hirsch at Vivid a little credit, he recognized an opportunity.  I told a friend of mine that he should go ahead and put Montana Fishburne under contract…It wouldn’t cost him much and she is going to continue to make noise unless another train wreck happens.

And sure enough Montana hasn’t let us down, she does something new every day, whether its prostitution arrests, assault and battery arrests, Jamie Fox has a gay sex tape coming out from Vivid, her dads friends tried to buy back the tape for a million dollars, college grads are losers, Jersey Shore is full of losers, this girl keeps it rolling.

I wish she would “diss” me LOL

Remember who broke the story to begin with…yup that was me….come on Montana get me on TMZ…

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Montana Fishburne Is PR Gold

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