Mister Marcus Exposes Some BIG Holes In His Story

In his interview with Richard Abowitz at thedailybeast

Mister Marcus revealed that when his doctor found Syphilis it was in stage two.  Stage Two or secondary Syphilis is a very different treatment from stage 1 or primary Syphilis,  It is a regimen of 1 shot a week for three weeks and a follow up test to make sure that they cured it. so his  statement that his doctor gave him a shot and told him he would be OK to work in ten days is more bullshit.

He also seems to indicate that he was first diagnosed in June, regardless if its June or July   It takes syphilis 1 to 3 months to progress to stage two, so it means he was infected and positive in May, probably in April and possibly in March as well.

If he told the FSC that he was in the secondary stages they and APHSS have perpetrated a GIANT fraud you should all know that secondary Syphilis is HIGHLY contagious, it affects not just the genitals but all of your lymph nodes and mucus membranes  and can be passed simply by kissing.

This is HUGE!

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Mister Marcus Exposes Some BIG Holes In His Story

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