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More and more I find my site and myself becoming the go to guy for mainstream news stories about the industry, in the last week i have been linked to by lots of mainstream outlets and have been interviewed by several more. It seems my willingness to call things honestly combined with my unwillingness to jump to conclusions and my fact checking has gotten their attention…as one big online newspaper put it “we simply can’t get anything worthwhile from the other two industry news sources and the other blogs are simply not accurate.

That makes me very happy and i welcome any and all press inquiries, authors, students and anyone else needing info on the industry to contact me anytime.

87250cookie-checkThe Goto For Mainstream porn news is this site

The Goto For Mainstream porn news is this site

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  1. Yeah, I saw that… Seems the reporters are going back to the overly dramatic hazmat suit and goggle debates with the Cal-OSHA requirements. At the same time putting in links to all of their HIV+ articles on porn performers…

    “Cal-OSHA wants porn performers to wear goggles.. how stupid!
    Oh wait, here’s 3 articles about those porn performers who recently got infected with HIV and I guess we should also throw in how the porn industry doesn’t even follow the current laws on the books.”

    I guess they’re going for fair & balanced?

  2. I love that parody skit with james dean and someone else and everyone was wearing tyvek suits face shields and james almost choked on a dental dam.

  3. The debate over OSHA is ridiculous…it’s quite simple…prove no infectious OPIM and then they won’t need barriers. PEL permissible exposure levels..there aren’t any for infectious OPIM. Too much $ to monitor then yes barriers are a cheaper way to go but still won’t eliminate all employer monitoring.

  4. correct me if I am wrong but all the hoopla the media is making over goggles wasnt the way I read the regs that I originally posted…as a matter of fact the way I read them is that they killed the whole hazmat suit idea essentially…did I miss something?

  5. Mike, you’re right… The OSHA regs you posted make it crystal clear that no one has to wear a hazmat suit… That whole bullshit story was ridiculous…..

    I believe it was Steve Hirsch who started the hazmat suit crap..
    Why here’s a quote from Steve from last year:

    “First of all, it’s not just condoms that are now mandatory on adult sets. Actors may now be required to wear a virtual hazmat suit — goggles, gloves, lab coats, dental dams and facial protective gear? Movie sets will look more like a hospital ER. This is sex, not surgery!”

    This is sex, not surgery!
    LOL. Hilarious! 😀

  6. @Mike
    Nope you got it.

    .AVN presented the draft proposal requirements beginning 2018 they omitted the five year “alternative measures proposal that eliminates barriers” and presented the five year phase in grace period like it was a mysterious gift.

    Since 1992 the BBP policy has been in effect, so for 21 years the industry has been ignoring /fighting their part of keeping performers safe. In 1998 AIM was formed as a non-profit but didn’t have a proper license, didn’t have proper records mgmt, and required performers to pay for their own tests as directed by the FSC with increased costs to address disease occurrences.
    1998 started with HIV screening, then GC and CT were added with syphilis tossed in and out to clear up disease that showed up on set.
    2011 AIM ultimately closed, FSC created affiliations with new clinics and the APHSS database to address records mgmt but still employees are paying for tests as directed by the FSC. Not only charging the cost of testing to the performers but making a buck off it too!

    Letting essentially any producer or agent willing to cough up the FSC APHSS fee to see who is available.

    Since 2004 producers have been eating fines rather than protect performers. Since 2009 the FSC has been playing games with OSHA to develop appropriate Industry guidelines. Like making a nice 13 pg booklet for set compliance eight months before giving OSHA a 45pg mishmash that would have covered some but not all three classes of actors the FSC defined.
    Wonder how much the litigation to avoid condoms has been.
    All the media quotes to speculate moving from CA if condoms become mandatory.
    It all part of big business stomping on the little guy holding them up.

    It’s truly amazing to see how many times mainstream news got wind of the positive BAD diseases and lookie here…FSC announces a week later we moved up our plan to implement new testing standards…aw gee yer swell…thanks for making a buck off the people who got sick and telling us how much you care cuz you tossed those sick horses to the side to protect the current stable.

    Isn’t it great how APHSS became PASS the same day it was announced …a performer tested positive for HIV? But hey no onset transmission is our motto.

    Done ranting…this shit gets me so pissed.

  7. In a nutshell, if the industry were willing to pay for testing (measuring) the risks and then use either elimination or barrier for Infectious OPIM then OSHA would willingly forego the mandatory barriers.

    It’s too inconvenient …herpes….aw crap need a barrier or reschedule

    Syphilis? Nah just dry skin…slap a little lotion on it lets go 🙂
    No on set transmission is our motto

  8. A spokesman for LA state senator Isadore Hall released the following statement regarding the bullshit goggle crap..

    AB 640/332 mandates condom use for commercially filmed vaginal or anal penetrative acts (adult films) made in California.
    The goggle argument is not accurate and is the same old factually incorrect argument folks in the adult film industry have been making for years.

    It’s pretty irresponsible when porn producers continue to use disproven talking points to respond to one of the largest HIV outbreaks in the adult film industry in American history.

  9. I never could figure out how porn can make an employee pay for testing when every state in the country requires the potential employer pay for all preemployment testing (ie mandatory drug test). Hell strip clubs are worse taking tips as a rent/fee for working there.

  10. I habe never heard how or why porn gets a pass from paying for talent testing as a condition of employment. Every state law on thr books requires the employer to pay for potential employee preemployment screening granted it is usually drug tests. Wish talent would class action sue production companies to recoup testing costs under those statutes.
    On a similar note I never understand how strip clubs get away with taking portions of a dancers tips. I guess they are to pathetic when they can’t make a profit from cover charges and drink sales.

  11. @acftmech –
    It’s because producers consider talent “independent contractors” not “employees.”

    But, Cal/OSHA considers talent “temporary employees” on the state level which means the testing costs are the direct responsibility of the producers.

    But, they don’t really like playing by the rules much… so, yeah, the talent ends up paying because they don’t know any better.

    Strip Clubs – no clue on that one?

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