Michael Whiteacre To Marry Shelly Lubben


They say opposites attract, but this really does explain a lot, like the stalking and all such as that.   Shelly remarked that it was kind of like the kid that put gum in her hair in elementary school, just Whiteacre’s way of showing her attention.  She said as soon as she looked at him with bedroom eyes he buckled and bent over and said “Take me I’m yours”, she said she did.

No word yet on the date, presumably she has the first to get rid of beforehand….I will keep y’all posted.

DWB was heard to remark, hey at least this one’s a girl.



59950cookie-checkMichael Whiteacre To Marry Shelly Lubben

Michael Whiteacre To Marry Shelly Lubben

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9 Responses

  1. Anyone notice the date today? Michael Whiteacre is not marrying Shelley Lubben, I think Kayden Kross is more his type.

    As for Lub-head I wonder how she is doing now that her donations have shrunk to nothing. I bet her houses go into foreclosure and her husband leaves her at Wilshire and Vine where he found her.

  2. I’m on the invite list for sure. Or even better, be asked to be in the wedding! Can you imagine the bachelor & bachelorette parties?

  3. They both have alot incommon frist both of them not big fans of main stream porn. They both would like control main stream porn in there owen self serving ways. They both attack porn with same facts proved buy same resources. They both tell people that listen to them well where make thing better for people inside porn indusrty becuase there just not smart enough to do so on there owen. Lubben state she doing her thing becuase what God would want but one wonders why would God want people give money Lubben buy cloths makeup or spend on her wedding not on her cause useing his name. Michael Whiteacre so called champion of Ahf who force condoms down ever one throats is prove long way from being so called plucky hero. He want power over main stream porn in Ca raised condom issue well get power for short term well porn moves way out Ca. What do these two have in common desire control porn seen they may use differnt means make that happen all come same place now with them getting married. Michael Whiteacre much better debater on porn seen Shelle Lubben so porn debates are gone get much hard with him debate them at her side.

  4. Richard, you have your Michaels confused. Michael Weinstein is the AHF douche, Michael Whiteacre is pro-porn and definitely anti-Lubben and anti-AHF. Easy mistake to make.

  5. Thanks for straighting me out mharris. Question is Michael Whiteacre gun turn from what he bleaves in beleaving what Shelle Lubben beleaves???

  6. Richard…here in the USA there is a custom on this date April 1, called april fools. The idea is to play a parctical joke on people, then when they believe it they become an april fool. Its all in fun.

    The idea behind a good april fool joke is to make it believable by adding some truths….you decide what the truths are 😉

  7. Mike know all about your custom what Apirl fool you are Dirty Bob. After all your still guy took money for awards show from group people you had no clue what they where sbout than refund once you got caught doing so. If that does define what april fool in nothing well.

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