Max Goes To Jail

Max Hardcore surrendered himself to Federal Authorities today to begin serving his sentence from his conviction in Tampa.

Max has been a polarizing figure in the industry and there’s no shortage of people who are not concerned, figuring Max got what he deserved.  The industry is barely even reporting it.

But there’s something about all this that doesn’t sit right with me.  You see I don’t much like Max’s product, personally I thought his older stuff was pretty damn good, his Mr Peepers and Anal Adventures stuff for example., but he jumped the shark as we say in the film biz. My problem is with his obscenity conviction in general, I’m not talking about whether or not he actually shipped the product or Jaded Video, I’m talking about obscenity.

I’m not comfortable with the idea that he didn’t do anything illegal except filming what he did and selling it to consenting adults who wanted to buy it.

I’m not comfortable with the idea that he doesn’t know that what he is doing is obscene until after a jury has determined it to be so…Making it mighty damned arbitrary.  Do I think Max knew he was crossing the line, yes I do my problem is that I don’t know exactly where the line is, nor do you. You might know you crossed it but exactly where?  Does my bukkake site cross it? Or because the girls are obviously having fun and not being abused in any way is it ok?

If Max did something criminal and filmed it, I have no problem with prosecuting him for the criminal act, but the way all this played out makes me uneasy. It should make you uneasy as well.

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Max Goes To Jail

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  1. You make a lot of great points Mike.

    I don’t understand how it can be legal to prosecute someone based on a rule of law that no one can define. There has never been any logic when it comes to sex and the law. Including prostitution.

    I used to go to a clinical massage place in LA every month to get the tension worked out of my back. It was $80.00 for an hour and the massage was incredible. If I had paid the same chick to jerk me off instead of giving me a back massage, suddenly that transaction becomes illegal. Both services provide pleasure as a result of her using her skilled hands, but one is considered illegal. Stupid.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more Steve. Yet every day that passes, the dumb-masses make another leap toward abdication of any and all meaninfull control over their (our) own life.

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