Lets Talk About DeeRob

The story came across my google alerts several days ago and the truth is I couldn’t believe it.

I knew Rob from way back, most people then called him DeeRob because of his girlfriend Dee, who was a mixed race porn chick and an A-List girl in anyone’s book.

Long before Mark Spiegler set up shop Rob and Dee ran a boutique agency, there was no name that I know of but Rob was VERY picky about the girls he would represent.  Carmen Luvana, probably the last of the real outstanding contract girls was represented by Rob, he also represented Lacy Duvalle, another mixed race girl with serious A-list potential, she was very sweet and her body was near perfect.

But you had to have more than looks, Rob didn’t like his girls socializing off camera with porn people, and hid girls generally understood why.  He also flatly forbade escorting.  I once asked him about this and his reasoning was simple:  It makes them nothing more than hookers, there is nothing special about a girl that anyone can have for a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars. They were expected to act classy, educated and represent him well.  He wasn’t licensed but then nobody else was at that time either save for Jim South (no relation) at World Modeling

I was friends with Rob, we often dined together, we talked we joked.  Rob was always extraordinarily respectful, he was soft spoken, easy going and seemed to be liked by everyone.  I was close with Carmen Luvana when she was in the biz, close enough to know when she was retiring and get Kayden Kross into her contract opening at Adam and Eve.  I never heard anyone say anything bad about Rob.

As it turned out he was a registered sex offender and had been convicted of underage girls, that was a shock as well….

I guess it is no surprise that I was stunned to read the allegations against him, they just didn’t fit the guy I knew….I realize it’s been a long time and people change but it just seems so unlike Rob even now, I would like to hope it is wrong, but suspect that it isn’t.

Anyway, I just felt like I should speak up about my experiences with the guy, I never expected something like this…Rob Black sure…not Rob…I guess ya never really know

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Lets Talk About DeeRob

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8 Responses

  1. Times have changed. They didn’t have porn bloggers back then except maybe Luke Ford who were outing POS like this Rob

  2. I know what you mean Mike, how could a likable man who exploits barely legal teenagers(who are half his age) for profit be anything but a nice, law abiding human being?

    It’s not like he’s a bad guy in a sleazy business or anything like that!

  3. I had a friend that turned out to be a pedophile (he became a friend after I became an adult so I was not one of his victims). They guy was the nicest person you could ever meet (at least to adults). I was flabbergasted when he was arrested for possessing child porn. It turned out he had a prior conviction for child molestation, too (I even knew the victim, neither one mentioned it to me — and this was well before Megan’s Law and internet listings of convicted pedophiles). My parents even allowed my then minor brother to stay overnight at his house to play with his kids (yes, I have siblings about half my age — to my knowledge he didn’t molest any of my relatives). The guy has been in prison for over 30 years now, he comes up for parole (he was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole) but with his prior record and him not being willing to admit he had child porn (he calls it “art”) they keep denying him parole (as they should).

    I was also friends with a guy who is now a convicted murderer. Again, the nicest guy you could ever meet — until he got tanked one night. That one shocked the shit out of me as well. He is serving life in prison.

    With my prior life experience I can see why Mike would have thought that Rob was a nice guy. Sometimes you just don’t get that feeling in your gut telling you someone is a scumbag or worse. That doesn’t change my opinion that people that molest children or murder their wives without provocation should get the “five bubba” treatment nightly for life but I can understand Mike’s opinion on this one considering I have had a similar experience regarding being a friend with people that turned out to be the worst of the worst in society more than once.

  4. I’m sure there were some nice guys in the porn industry but the old saying prolly applies: “If you lay down with dogs you’re gonna get fleas”

  5. Schlermy, I think this is a situation where Mike didn’t know his friend was a “dog”. There are times where you just can’t tell. A person’s read on someone’s moral compass being wrong has happened to him, it has happened to me and it has probably happened to everyone over age 50.

    Also, porn is not a “sleazy” business anymore and most people in porn aren’t bad people. The Mafia days are long gone. Just because a person either fucks on camera or directs/produces/distributes porn doesn’t make that person a bad person. Yes, porn has its fuck-ups but at least 75% of porn people are normal and won’t hurt anyone except in self-defense or defense of others.

    A guy isn’t a bad person just because he makes porn where an 18-25 year old woman fucks a 50-80 year old man or fucks a woman (consensually) in the same scenario — at least it better not be, if Melissa Moore (or Riley Reid, Kasey Warner, Lena Paul or a few other cute, nubile, legal, young porn chickies) flashes a recent, clean VD test, grabs my crotch and leads me to a bedroom at a party then starts ripping my clothes off of me, you bet your ass I would let her fuck me.

    I might get crabs (and make lots of crab seafood dishes as a result — free crabs, yuuuuuuuummmmmmmm 🙂 ) but a valid (within the past 13 days or less) Talent Testing VD panel coming up negative reduces the chance of VD greatly and reduces HIV/AIDS transmission chances to infinitesimal so I would probably take the chance. Hell, now that I have made this comment Talent Testing may start examining all pussies and dicks for crab lice as part of their once a fortnight/every two weeks testing, they test for everything else except Herpes.

  6. First off, I don’t know if he was really a sex predator yet never had another encounter in his life. Second off, who gives a fuck about these dam licenses, some Derek Gay shit right there. Next off i read the article there’s no proof this guy really did anything except have an affair, having touch dna or any dna, in your girlfriends husbands car doesn’t mean anything they clearly where in the car at some point, i would probablly assume the husbands dna was in the car, as was the wifes(girl friend) of robs. Sorry to say, touch dna, can also be transfered from the (wife/girlfriend) and rob, to the husband or from rob to the girlfriend to the car, touch dna is not reliable.

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