Lets Talk About Ala Damn Bama

I will admit I never saw this one coming.  I believed as did most, apparently that despite Roy Moore being a predator of young women, young as in under 18, he would win.  I believed that as soon as he did the Republican party would run him out on a rail, force his resignation and appoint another Republican thus saving the seat as red.

I am pleased to say that Alabamans just couldn’t stomach this guy as an elected official, good for them.  Mind you I am not a Republican or a Democrat but this is simply right and wrong.

I don’t think this is any sort of mandate or even a positive sign for the Democratic party, until they get a grasp on the negative economic impact of their short term policies and until they quit pandering to the welfare class and dividing the country with hyphenated Americanism, and race/gender/sexuality based us against them politics they wont improve their position.

But lets be honest, do they even want to?  I believe that Democrats and Republicans are one and the same.  Americas Favorite Chicken owns Popeyes and Church’s Fried chicken.  There are people who hate Popeyes but love church’s and there are people who love Popeyes but hate Church’s.  AFC (Americas Favorite Chicken) doesn’t care which one you buy so long as you buy.

The political parties in America are like Popeyes and Church’s, in the end it doesn’t matter because because the system wins….the DIFFERENCE between AFC and the US political system is that the in the US political system there is no Bojangles or Kentucky Fried Chicken.

We get the government we deserve….remember it wasn’t democrats or republicans who put Donald Trump in office, Russia didn’t do it, Hillary Didn’t win the popular vote.  Scratching your head?  You shouldn’t be, it was the people who could have voted but didn’t that maintain this system…if all of them had voted for Ron Jeremy, Ron Jeremy would be the President.

That’s on us…..

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Lets Talk About Ala Damn Bama

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