Lets Talk About the XBiz Awards


I mentioned last week that Helmy should apologize to the industry for his part in this attention whoring fiasco.  Obviously Alec didn’t see it same as I did but it got very mixed reviews.  A few people said that they thought Helmy should be commended for giving Jenna a chance to redeem herself, my response:

If a man tells me… Hey that dog will bite you, then I watch that dog bite the next 6 people that try to pet it….The seventh guy doesnt deserve kudos because he gave the dog the benefit of the doubt and got bit…he deserves to be called a fucking dumbass….

It aint the dogs fault the dog is just being the dog…

Do ya get it or do I need to draw pictures….hint Jenna is the dog….Alec Helmy is guy #7

It bothers me that nobody in this business will accept any responsibility when they fuck up.  There are a LOT of girls and guys in this business who represent us well, and who would have been excellent hosts for the XBiz awards: Stormy Daniels, Vicky Vette, Kayden Kross, Jessica Drake, even some new comers like Bonnie Rotten and this train wreck is who Helmy picks?  Purely because he sees it as PR Gold, I mean hey its JENNA, never mind thyat she has shown herself to be a trainwreck time and time again, recently even and then she train wrecks your awards show, cheapening it in the process yet you want to accept no responsibility for this dumbass choice you made?

Shame on you Alec Helmy.  You tell me you want your awards to be the best and most respected in the industry  try presenting them and your awards show in a respectable manner instead of attention whoring…

Can I get an Amen !

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Lets Talk About the XBiz Awards

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7 Responses

  1. You act like this award show has some huge impact on everyone. I wasn’t a good selection, she crashed and burned. End of story. You’ve made 4 posts crying about how this award show you didn’t attend was not up to standard. Calm down. It has no carry over, it was a night of terrible hosting.

  2. It’s obvious an intervention better serves Jenna then a hosting gig… where are her real friends?

  3. “It bothers me that nobody in this business will accept any responsibility when they fuck up.” Thanks hyposhit MIke. Kayden does no wrong.

  4. Probably same story as most affluent long term substance abusers. True friends were alienated ages ago and most that are within her small inner circle these days are either enablers or only interested in a meal ticket.

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