Lets Talk About Skin

Particularly the TV series.

As for the MTV abortion that they are milking for publicity with leaked stories about is it child porn…don’t waste your time.  This is a cheap, poorly made and unimaginative bastardized version of a British show by the same name.

If you want to watch something different, well written and edgy watch the British version…..the First Three or four seasons are available on netflix

its worth a watch for the extraordinary character development using actors with little or no experience. The writing is slick and well done considering the average age of the writers is 21.

As for the Empty V version…skip it.

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Lets Talk About Skin

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  1. Another fantastic British TV show about kids in the last year of high school (on that side of the pond, it’s called “sixth form”) is “The Inbetweeners” I’m fairly sure it’s on netflix.. It’s hilarious, and shows why British TV will always be greater than American TV (another example being the real version of Top Gear and the American version).


  2. I quit watching MTV long ago. However, after seeing all the hoopla last night on “The O’Reilly Factor” I decided to watch a trailer. 1 minute into the trailer was all I needed to see. All Hype and Bullshit. I think clips may be used in the remake of “Clockwork Orange”.

  3. ‘Skin’ represents everything wrong with Viacom and the reason why I walked away from a lucrative career in my 30’s to dabble in a much more honest adult industry.

    MTV/Viacom makes Rob Black look like Mr. Rogers. Shoot first, check ID’s tomorrow could be considered standard operating procedure by some in the reality television department. Unlike porn tattle tales, NO ONE tells on MTV because everyone wants a career in Hollywood. The cutting room floor and “private staff reels” are where the true secrets live.

    Marketing a true life gang rape like a light hearted teen pregnancy episode was a final straw. Along with shady accounting and the constant pressure to market black guys to white teen girls. I am hoping that all of the secrets of the “teflon network” will be told someday. And even though E! produces similar horse shit, their professionalism and financial compensation is outstanding. As I was told by one Viacom suit, it’s a privilege to shit in our toilets. That sums things up perfectly.

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