Lets Talk About David Carradine

Just Damn!

I mean boy is the press having a feild day with this one. I actually feel bad for the guy. So he was into bondage or whatever Is this how his life should be remembered? Based on an angry and disgusting ex wife who suddenly comes out of the woodwork with tales of incest and basically calling him everything but a white man?

Let him rest in peace.

Reckon what will be said about some of you when you finally take the eternal celestial dirt nap?

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Lets Talk About David Carradine

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  1. i don’t feel bad for him at all. he’s r.i.p. regardless what the media finds out. and the guy from the looks of it lived life to the fullest anyway. i just hope he was able to get off before he died (got killed?) i’ll always remember him because of kill bill.

    i do however feel bad for his family who has to go through the media bullsh*t. it’s pretty tacky for the paper to publish his hanging body. but those pics are common in third world countries so it’s hard to blame them completely. didn’t hear about the ex and the incest though. f*ck her.

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