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True Facts:

The Office of Homeland Security operates a secret emergency hotline that connects to the Governors of all 50 States. In 2006 the number was put on the national “do not call” registry.  The reason why?  The line was being barraged by calls from telemarketers. Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle said the phone rang once during the start of the Iraq war, he grabbed the phone thinking he was about to get instructions or grave news. Instead he was asked if he was unhappy with his long distance service.

Before Kurt Cobain fell for Courtney Love he dated Tobi Vail, drummer for Bikini Kill.  Tobi lost interest and cut it off,  One night Vail’s bandmate Kethleen Hannah was hanging out listening to Kurt Whine about Tobi Vail.  She took a can of spray paint and painted the words “Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit” on his wall (Teen Spirit was the brand of underarm deodorant that Vail wore)  Now you know the rest of the story….

The Original Declaration of Independence was written on paper made from Marijuana called Hemp Paper, until this year  it was illegal to grow Hemp in the USA. (President Obama made commercial growing of Hemp legal in states that have legalized it)

A brothel once operated on the grounds of the White House in Washington, DC.

Think Im wrong…..look em up….

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Lets Have Some Fun Today

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  1. Waiting for jeopardy to ask…in 2006 this telcom caused OHS to register their red phone line with the Do Not Call Registry.

    Kathleen Hannah made no secret this Bikini Kill drummer used Teen Secret in her morning drill.

    Lol love WTF facts 🙂

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