John T Bone Surfaces Again

I have been hearing dozens of T Bone rumors lately, lord only knows how this thing will play out.

His bar in the Philippines did get busted for human trafficking, the word is he narrowly escaped getting taken to jail and has been on the lam ever since.  He is facing 3 counts of human trafficking that each carry a life sentence and if the Philippines get him he will not be able to post bail.

Word is they seized all of his assets and arrested his wifes sister who also worked at the bar, she is being held without bail and faces 3 life sentences as well.

John is said to be holed up at the American Embassy, No word on his wife she may be with him or could be in custody there.

Gene Ross reported this morning that T Bone would be coming back to the states, if that is true I’m told he faces charges here as well, maybe he does, maybe not, maybe the statute of limitations has run, who knows…Maybe he figures doing time here is better than there or Thailand, or Brazil or other places that he is said to have worn out his welcome.

Most of this is rumor mill stuff from various boards in the Philippines, I left out the more inflammatory stuff.

Ain’t Karma a BITCH!

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John T Bone Surfaces Again

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