John Ashcroft In Intensive Care:

His symptoms included nausea, vomiting, high fever, difficulty breathing. Apparently someone left a copy of The United States Constitution on his desk….

On This Day in 1963:

Patsy Cline died in a plane crash…..What that has to do with porn I dunno, but damn she could sing.

I think He Did It On Purpose:

Uber Director RobbyD called me wanting to have lunch today, COOL I told him, I will meet you at Cheesecake Factory at Perimeter Mall. OK he says, wheres Perimeter Mall, is it in the Valley? Ummm no I told him it was near the intersection of GA 400 and I-285, it suddenly dawned on him that I was back in Atlanta…The boy is the best shooter in porn, the best cameraman too….But just Damn Bro! I think he knew it but was just trying to stay on my good side in case I catch him diddling Nic Andrews or something.

Marcie Writes:

Kira is beautifull! Will always remember the first time I’ve seen her gorgeous face in a Lee Mailer shoot for the Gallery magazine.I would say Kira is a stripper and like some of them,she came to porn just to get a boost for her dancing career.She now have plenty of movies to run as a featured stripper until she retires for real.

Yer probably right and she is indeed pretty, but has anyone else noticed that Vivid Girls hardly get the recognition they used to…and at a time when palatable porn is mainstreaming more and more. It also seems that most in porn who worked with Kira didn’t like her very much.

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John Ashcroft In Intensive Care:

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