Jenna Jameson Why Do We Kiss Her Ass?

OK Its been all over the news lately…never mind that it was here on two months ago…Welcome to the present…

But the whole Jenna thing leaves me somewhat perplexed, even when she was in the biz she had a horrible reputation for being unreliable and a flake, the only thing she had going for her was some really good people like Joy King and Jay who actually did the business end of things and made Jenna a brand.

Now rampant drug use (allegedly) has lead to the foreclosure of her home, her divorce from Tito Ortiz, the loss of her kids and supervised only visits with her kids and so…older, and all haggard and worn out she returns to porn, the one place she said she would never again spread her legs…. and the industry she she shit all over welcomes her back.

XBiz makes her the host for the XBiz awards and AVN makes her keynote speaker for Adult Expo….has AVN lost their minds?  Have they heard her recent interviews?  She is completely incoherent in all of them,  who would want to hear a drug addled, bitter ex performer whose long past her shelf life expound upon anything about the industry?

Wouldn’t we as an industry be better off if Theo or Helmy sat down and said look honey you are a train wreck, we would like to support you but you clearly haven’t thought this through, this is just desperation and everyone sees it and our affiliation with you at this point makes us look more desperate than you do.

Doe anyone see any way that this can end well for anyone?





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Jenna Jameson Why Do We Kiss Her Ass?

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  1. Everyone cranes their neck to check out a car crash or a major accident, and Jenna so far looking like an all day plane crash festival. However, she is also “TMZ” worthy material,and anything stupid or off the chart that she does at any of these events are likely to get at least some coverage, especially if the video is “leaked”.

    A whole bunch of people who don’t know who XBIZ or AVN are will find out thanks to Harvey the porn connection 🙂

  2. I agree with rawalex, you can’t help but look at an accident when you drive by one. Everyone knows she’s going to crash and burn. That’s why everyone loves reality shows. Drama, drama, drama.

  3. It’s not really a defense of Jenna but, a few years ago, Chasey Laine tried to make a comeback. Granted, she wasn’t the brand Jenna is but she was pretty damn popular in her day. I tried to shoot her. “Try” being the key word. All I can say is, in the world of drug-addled train-wrecks, Chasey made the current Jenna come off as a model of clean and sober living. Just saying.

  4. I have to agree here, Mike. Jenna was so incoherent in her recent interviews that I couldn’t listen to them. I don’t know if she was drunk or high but something is definitely wrong in Jenna land. I was never really a fan of her look but still feel she needs treatment and counseling and hope for the best for her. However I would not even hire her to clean up the cum off of the set floor after a fifty man bukkake in the condition she is currently in, certainly not to host an XBiz convention or awards show.

    I will add that if she is as desperate as I think she is I expect her to be doing a “fifty man” gang bang that actually only has 38 men participating soon and that Brandon Iron will be the keynote participant as he was for the last chick’s “fifty man” gang bang.

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