Jelena Jensen a Hypocrite?

A friend contacts me about the Jelena Jensen story, she found it highly amusing because, according to her, at one time jelena was so anti boy/girl that she and three other girls had a pact that not only would they never do boy/girl they would never put a girl on their sites who does do boy/girl.

Apparently when this girls star started to rise  Jelena contacted her to shoot and she politely declined.

I guess money changes everything…

I never did really get the girls who thought they were better because they only do soft core or girl girl or whatever….the end result is the same…some guy blowing a load on your photo….

27800cookie-checkJelena Jensen a Hypocrite?

Jelena Jensen a Hypocrite?

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5 Responses

  1. me too. i read an interview of one chic who was willing to perform analingus on both men and women and even have toys inserted in her but she won’t do anal *right now* because business is good and she’s getting jobs without it. it’s looking more and more a business strategy for these performers which i can understand. sunny leone took some time before f*cking men on camera and it probably paid dividends for her.

  2. Oh i dont argue that it will come up spades short term for Jelena but to make a pact that you wont put a girl who has done boy/girl on your site….then turn around and make a big deal out of doing boy/girl smacks of hypocrisy

  3. Speaking of Sunny Leone, I find it an odd coincidence that both Sunny and Jelena make the choice to finally do boy/girl scenes after being in a relationship with Matt Erickson.

  4. if it were true she would be. but all we got is hearsay. nevertheless i can’t wait to see a c*ck in her mouth. maybe it’ll be as hot as the first time i saw janine with julian’s c*ck. So F*cking Hot! But jelena ain’t no janine.

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