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OK I am travelling as most of you know but I have been watching this closely. The short version is that Stoya went on the record that James Deen raped her. In her own words:

James Deen held me down and fucked me while I said no, stop, used my safeword. I just can’t nod and smile when people bring him up anymore.

Deen’s other girlfriend Joanna Angel, went on the record as supporting Stoya 100%

Other female performers have noted that this is not the first time this has happened with Deen.  Indeed I have had more than a few girls contact me off the record that only wanted to vent, they didn’t want to come out and say anything because they felt Deen was powerful enough to cost them work.

Tori Luxx has now gone on the record as well

Lets look at some of his other stunts…He seems to have a fascination with Nazi’s, yes I know he is jewish.

He likes to play nazi

James Deen Nazi
James Deen Nazi

He recently went on and on about supposed racism in porn in a mainstream article  apparently the fact checkers didn’t bother to see if Deen hires black people for his videos…hint, he doesn’t…

All of that aside, rape is a serious allegation, for the purpose of this piece I have chosen NOT to speak to him, Stoya or anyone else and simply post my thoughts.

I have read a lot about it, and some things jump out at me ..first being consent to sex doesn’t mean that you can do anything you please even though she  is saying “Stop”, it appears that James doesn’t understand this, as this is the most common allegation.  It also is understandable why none of the girls have come forward, even Stoya…Deen is porns it boy and I emphasize boy because he continually displays childish behavior.  He is a very poor choice to be a spokesperson for the industry and particularly for any association of performers, a post that if APAC is serious they will relieve him of until this gets settled.

The really sad part is that this is indicative of what porn has become, and this is what AVN considers to be a “positive image”


Did ya notice how quick AVN was to say “Hey asshole No Means No” when it came to War Machine, but when it came to James Deen…crickets….typical of the quality of AVN these days and Xbiz isnt far behoind…truth is they are one and the same…does anyone else notice that they share an editorial staff….Tod Hunter, Dan Miller?

More as this develops, I would love to hear what you think.

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James Deen, AVNs Positive Image Icon

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26 Responses

  1. I think AVN and FSC puppet APAC care about their credibility image as much as these women are saying Deen cared about their preagreed limits. Betrayed trust isn’t a mistake.

  2. @MikeSouth There are always two sides to every story, and for you to actually say that you wrote this article without even giving James a chance to defend himself is pretty wrong IMO.

    When it comes to filming hardcore scenes, one could argue James Deen has been the king of that type of genre for close to a decade now. He does a lot of hardcore scenes, and those scenes require him to do things such as choke, spit at, and verbally abuse the Sub. That is how it works. Some girls can handle it, some girls can’t. I understand the safeword and all that crap, but sometimes when you get really into a scene like that you can’t tell whether the girl is crying in pleasure or pain. Thats why they get paid more for this type of scene.

    I have a feeling Stoya/Deen broke up and this is her way at lashing out at him, and same thing goes for Joanna Angel.

    Why aren’t you going after all the European guys who participate in these same type of scenes, yet they are quiet, and Deen is the Dom in most of these scenarios.

    So I would like someone right now to tell me, who would be a good representation for the Adult Industry on the male side of things? Remember your paying these guys 200 a pop, sometimes popping twice a day to literally have pressure pounded upon you, while some teenage diva sits there with her legs behind her head and says, “Is it over yet?”

    Until any of you have walked a day in James Deen’s Shoes, none of you should judge him based on some heresay by some No-Name B-List Porn Actresses.

  3. You never disappoint, mdxxx 🙂

    I get there are two sides, I get that there are cases where girls are full of shit and make false allegations..

    however, there has been a lot of smoke around this guy for a long time and this is not an isolated thing. she just happens to be one that decided to go public and make some noise. You are welcome to believe Deen is innocent, however, it is always a bad direction to automatically victim blame and crap all over the accusers. This is why they don’t come forward; fear that nobody will believe them or their livelihood will be destroyed.

    In rough play or BDSM, it is foolish to try to determine if the sub is in pain or pleasure; it is left up to the sub. That is why there are safe words. They are specifically designed so a person has to think and say it and so there is no mis-interpretation of what is going on. This way if someone is crying or in pain, and that is what they want, they will not use a safe word. It is clearly understood that no matter how much anguish happening in a scene, the sub can chose to continue or use the safe word. Anyone who understands Dom/sub play knows very clearly that the invoking of a safe word means an instant stoppage to anything. That is non negotiable.

    So, if she invoked a safe word as she claims or even just said “Stop”, and he did not stop, then she has a legitimate grief here and grounds to pursue it.

    Being a porn performer is always a severe disadvantage to make any rape claim against someone. Your career will be on trial more than the alleged rape and that is almost always a losing situation. Add in the fact that she is in a paid scene that she consented to being rough (to whatever her limits were), and the deck is stacked against her.

    Porn guys can (on and off camera) basically operate with impunity towards the porn girls because the girls will fear losing work, and also realize the harsh truth that they would be heavily attacked and tarred and feathered if coming forward. Hence why you almost never see an allegation like this made public.

  4. As for who to represent porn from the male side? Go with some older well spoken guys and stay away from the younger macho types who believe that every girl wants to be roughed up no matter what.

    And, we also have to accept that this is porn, no guy who represents it is going to be an outstanding citizen.

  5. Jezebel.com Every day reader here: copy paste from article:
    The website The Frisky previously published a sex advice column by Deen; yesterday, editor-in-chief Amelia McDonnell-Parry announced on Twitter that the site had severed all ties with the actor.

    McDonnell-Parry also published a more extensive explanation of her reasoning on the site:

    “From a professional standpoint, as the editor of a woman’s blog which has published the accused’s words, acting swiftly and decisively is the least that I can do. The court of public opinion is not a court of law , and I don’t need Stoya or any woman to ‘prove’ that she has been raped for me to believe her. Women who come out as rape victims are far, far, far too often not believed. This is especially true of women who work in the sex industry, with people actually wondering aloud if porn stars can be raped.”

  6. @Mike Really, really glad that you were quick to make a post about this. I don’t know too much about Deen, and prior to this I was pretty neutral towards him. But of course, I believe Stoya, not because I’m a feminist and a woman, but because when I was raped by some Ahole that I casually knew (more than 80% of rapes happen between people who know each other, not strangers hiding in the bushes), there were people who didn’t believe me. This is a thing that happens, and people are always quick to defend the guy, because “he’s such a good guy, he would never do that”.

  7. The guy has always been a bit weird. I’ve always been put off by him but I’m not watching porn for him. Either way, this reminds me a bit of Bill Cosby. The first allegation comes out, everyone is shocked and really doesn’t believe it. Then a few more come out. I see Ms. Kross linked a few more. I wonder if this thing will just burst open like the Cosby situation.

  8. MDXX – if I’m reading Mike’s post correctly, neither Stoya nor Joanna Angel are alleging that the abuse took place during a scene. They are alleging that it took place off-camera, in their private lives when they were in romantic relationships with Mr. Deen. With regard to filming safe sex, this issue is at the heart of Cameron Bay’s suit against Kink – that she agreed to do X and specifically did not agree to do Y. Then, in the midst of the scene, Y was done to her despite her protests. If this case goes to court, and if that allegation survives (not every allegation in a suit gets litigated, even if a case goes to court) what does or doesn’t constitute consent during a scene may get litigated.

    But, that is a very, very different thing from what Stoya and Joanna Angel are alleging – again, if I’m reading Mike’s post correctly. Even sex workers have a right to say no in their professional and personal lives.

  9. I agree entirely with Markh59. I can’t really explain why, but I have long avoided scenes with Deen, even before he made a name for himself. I remember watching a scene with Ginger Lynn years ago, when he first got into the business – I was a Ginger Lynn fan and was completely turned off because of Deen. Then, he got the nod to do Lisa Ann’s first anal, and again, he completely ruined the scene for me. I couldn’t put my finger on it – still can’t – I just did not like seeing him perform.

  10. “He once shaved a swastika into his girlfriends pubes.” No sorry she is confusing James Deen and Marilyn Manson. While it was in fact Stoya he did this too, it was not James Deen. This took place when Stoya was dating Marilyn Manson.

  11. He is too aggressive with female performers. He started off “normal” and got sucked into the gaping maw of porn.

  12. If it happened off camera in the privacy of their home it becomes he said/she said and will be tough to prove. She would have to have some physical evidence (bruises, torn anus, etc…) or phone messages where he says he is sorry he raped her. Even a PD fresh out of law school would be able to beat that charge.

  13. Princess Donna is siding with Stoya on twitter: “It takes a brave woman to speak up.”

  14. “During one of the most aggressive sex scenes I’d ever filmed, he was one of many performers doling out a sexual beating, and yet he paused to whisper “you don’t belong here” to me. He was right. I didn’t belong there. Safe words escaped me but the word “no” didn’t; I said it a lot, but no one listened because it was all part of the scene. I felt tortured. It hardly felt like sex. Though I consented and my desire to be a professional prevailed, the emotional trauma persisted. I didn’t blame Deen for the role he played; he was one of many hired performers that day just doing his job.”


    SO all of you people that wanna go blame James, are the exact same people that probably blame cops when a black kid points a gun at their head and gets shot and wants to throw the cop in jail for doing his damn job!

    James is paid to do a job. Ya’ll are barking up the wrong tree especially you @mikesouth

  15. I get what you are saying but the idea of not talking to them was to address the response and my thoughts on the situation I didn’t say Deen was Guilty, more than likely I will do a post where I try to speak to Deen, Stoya, Tori Lux and others. This is, I think going to be a bigger story and Deen and Stoya and others will have ample opportunity to make their thoughts known. But the main thing that strikes me in this is the sheer volume of charges and the similarity of all of them…One girl who contacted me is well known for her extreme scenes and she told me that Deen was at the very top of her no list….In general I think where there is smoke there is a fire, but as yet I will be the first to say I dont know if Deen is guilty or not I simply have an opinion which I stated here…I welcome others opinions because more than once you guys have influenced me to change my mind about something.

  16. It is not part of a police offers job to kill unarmed people; which in most cases is what is happening. If you are referring to the Ferguson one, the cop was not doing his job by pulling over people just for walking in a certain way (being black). He was wrong to do that and poured gasoline on a fire. it is a police officers job to defuse a situation. Too many want to be thugs themselves and they escalate situations by how they treat people and why they are bothering them in the first place.

    Not sure why you would even bring that up in this discussion.

    Ignoring a girls safeword is not “part of the job” either.

  17. Joe, I admit I don’t know him personally but from what I have seen over the years in interviews and movies Steven St. Croix is intelligent, well-spoken and seems to have a decent reputation. It is also notable that Steven does not show up in adult industry media as a rapist or overly rough performer. About the only issues I can see with Steve taking James place on the APAC board are whether he wants to and the limited scope of companies he works for/types of scenes he performs in possibly affecting how well he can represent the male talent base as a whole. Maybe the solution to that is to have two male representatives on the APAC board, one being Steven and another being a male BDSM peformer like Wolf Hudson or Mark Davis. Being that Steven does not do rough-sex roles and Wolf or Mark perform in only BDSM scenes on a regular basis — and Mark only works for Kink while Wolf only has a few scenes for companies other than Kink, one of those outside scenes was a 43 person gang-bang where the girl was fucked 50 times by 43 people in one scene which is quite close to BDSM anyway IMO.

    As for James reputation I hadn’t read too much bad about him but Stoya posted a picture several years ago to a blog she had at the time of her obviously beaten to a pulp with a comment that someone she had loved did that to her. She did not say whether the beating was consensual or not and James has always had a reputation for liking BDSM (Stoya dated and lived with James for a number of years) so I left that issue alone at the time. I wonder now if she was attempting to hint at something more sinister with that picture and comment on her blog (I actually thought about that possibility at the time but I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt in cases like that). I am not saying James is guilty of anything yet but Mike has a keen sense of when a porn performer is a scumbag and with today’s posts I believe Mike sees proverbial smoke here, where there is smoke there is also usually fire.

  18. Joe, ignoring a safeword in BDSM is equivalent to rape. I can give credence to a dom not hearing the word in a sex scene once but if a sub screams her safeword twice and the dom does not stop he needs to be prosecuted, convicted (if the allegations are true) and executed. I don’t have enough evidence to convict James but if he did rape someone he deserves the same treatment as some nobody on the street raping someone.

  19. I agree about breaking safewords = rape (even posted that on this forum somewhere). Not sure if you are implying I disagree with that? I was just noting your support of police shooting black people. I do not think that is part of the job.

    You said James is paid to do a job and this is the wrong tree. Yet you have followed up saying breaking safewords is rape. Contradicting yourself here.

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