It Is Time To Clean Up This Industry

I love this biz but it has become corrupt to it’s very core.  Look at it from the outside in:

Poor and incomplete testing procedure

NO protocol for how to handle a positive test

NO protocol for getting performers information they need to stay safe

The industry uniformly rejects condom use and will not shoot performers who insist on condom use.

The owner of the largest agency also has ownership in an escort service and cross pollinates the two.

For years the industry held forth Sharon Mitchell as a doctor when the extent of her formal accredited education was a GED

Instead of looking after our own the industry has abandoned HIV positive performers yet Steve Hirsch has the money to pay Octomom 1K a day to be a PA.  You’d think he could afford to hire Darren James or any number of other HIV positives and train them to do the same job.

The sad thing is we CAN do better, a lot better.

42570cookie-checkIt Is Time To Clean Up This Industry

It Is Time To Clean Up This Industry

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  1. Octomom gets a $1000 a day as a PA? PA’s make about $150 a day, in LA $100. For a grand a day as a “PA” , she’d have to be swallowing an awful lot of jizz for me to pay that much….and she’d still have to bring me coffee.

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