It Is Sad That This Biz Has Sunken To The Level It Has

I get disagreements, we all have them but the level to which people in this industry have sunk recently is simply disgusting and we should all get together and run these  people out, we don’t need this.  Of course I have had it done to me for example I had Bell’s Palsy a while back and because its common and can happen to anyone I posted photos of myself.  I was called brave for that but in reality I didn’t think it was, I was just letting people know what to expect should it happen to them.  Of course lowlifes, real lowlifes take these pictures and use them to deride me….But truth is it doesn’t bother me, what does bother me is that by comparison thats nothing.

It came to my attention that a lowlife we all know, put down his flip flops and decided to use the facebook memorial page of someones brother that he doesnt like.  he photoshopped some of the photos on that page to depict the deceased brother in gay sex acts and sent them to the family members.  You do that shit and as far as Im concerned that family has every right to beat you into the pile of shit you are.

It isnt limited to guys either, girls can be just as bad.

Take a female performer…you can read her story here

Someone in the biz had opened his home to her and helped her out, He later had to have life saving surgery, she couldnt handle it and left him. She later sent him this text message

People that is not an appropriate way to handle things by any stretch.  You can disagree without being cruel.  I don’t believe in being politically correct but this is way beyond the scope of simple politically incorrectness and it doesn’t reflect well on you as human beings.

Narcissism is wide in this biz, God knows people I have pulled back from the edge and supported when no one else would have forgotten but that’s on them not on me.

I have had my issues with people and them with me but at times like when I had neurosurgery or Bells Palsy even my enemies sent me emails that offered condolences and wished me a speedy recovery.  Those days seem to be history now though and that’s too bad, because whatever our differences we are all in this biz together, disagreements are good, they bring about change and they evolve the business but behavior such as these should get people completely shut out from this biz.

That’s what I think.

111290cookie-checkIt Is Sad That This Biz Has Sunken To The Level It Has

It Is Sad That This Biz Has Sunken To The Level It Has

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  1. Without sounding like a complete jerk, my feeling has always been: A woman who will fuck you for money will fuck you over for money.

    That’s what I think!

  2. without souding like a complete jerk, my feeling has always been: A guy who has to pay to get laid, will probably not hesitate to try to get more than his money’s worth, or at least get even.

  3. Porn industry policy: When you are loosing in the debate of issues, turn to intimidation and personal attacks, in the hopes your opponent will decide its not worth it. MOST, but not all of the time it works.

    If there was ever a PORN 101 lesson this is it.

  4. I’ve seen similar incidents like this happen in the 8 years I’ve been in the adult entertainment business. I once worked with a female who ratted me out to the police because I was prettier and making more money than she was…and I tried to help her out! I’ve dealt with so many vicious and cruel females in adult entertainment that I have NO female friends in the business anymore and probably never will. Great article! I will be sharing this one for sure!

  5. Jilted – you do not sound like a complete jerk. I for one laughed out loud. I also thought of the old line: We all pay for it one way or another.

  6. Sounds like that worthless, sawed off piece of shit Ari Bass you’re talking about.

  7. These two pond scum ought to get together.

    No excuse for her toddler like tantrums when the free ride party had to pause. Have to ask if she fared as well as would have if she curbed her partying and showed a little support for the guy behind the wallet she was living off of?

    Photoshopping pictures of a dead relative…momma must be proud of her boy!

  8. @BT & jilted

    Neither one of you sounds like a jerk in any way. Lol….one war or another;)

  9. One of the things I find amazing, the people in the industry who continue to associalte themselves with the people they know are responsible for these acts. ‘Instant Karma’s gonna get ya, knock ya right in the face.’

  10. Winners and losers, turn the pages of my life
    We’re beggars and choosers, with all the struggles and the strife
    I got no reason to turn my head and look the other way
    We’re good and we’re evil, which one will I be today?

    There’s saints and sinners
    Life’s a gamble and you might lose
    There’s cowards and heroes
    Both have been known now to break the rules
    There’s lovers and haters
    The strong and the weak will all have their day
    We’re devils and angels
    Which one will I be today?

    Are you happy now with all the choices you’ve made?
    Are there times in life when you know you should’ve stayed?
    Will you compromise and then realize the price is too much to pay?
    Winners and losers, which one will you be today?

    There’s a light and a dark side
    Standing at the crossroads, there we’ll meet
    There’s prophets and fools there
    The lies and the truth, will be at our feet
    I got a reason to turn my head and look the other way
    Its heaven and hell here, which one will I live today?

    Are you happy now with all the choices you’ve made?
    Are there times in life when you know you should’ve stayed?
    Did you compromise and then realize the price was too much to pay?
    Winners and losers, which one will you be today?

    Which one will you be today?
    Which one will I be today?

    Tomorrow I am going to write a story about the life and the death of the man that was so brutally attacked by this cowardly little bastard. This man, my brother, died a cruel, horrible death, yet the things he went through in the last days of his life paved the way for people in the future who will now live, because of him, because of what the world of medicine learned from his miraculous life, before his tragic death.

    A world renowned doctor, after performing an open heart surgery on my brother said, “I have never seen such a damaged heart continue to keep beating.” Speaking to my 83 year old father he said, “Your son has a will to live that I have never seen before.”

    Watch this video. This is the same medical team that tended to my brother, My brother had volunteered to be part of this clinical trial for heart in a box. The first physician you see, Abas Ardehali was my brothers doctor. I will tell you the whole story tomorrow, but this is the man that the porn industry chose to attack in an effort to prevent me from telling my experiences.
    This is the level that the porn industry will sink,,,,and when I say porn industry I mean every single person who does nothing to prevent this from happening again.

  11. ps,,,the patient in this video is not my brother, but I have met this incredible man, and his wife. This man in this video volunteered to put his life on the line, so that medicine could learn from him, and others would be saved in the future. My brother was like this man, and this is the type of people that cowards in your industry will attack, just to keep their status quo.

    APAC, you have the ability to do SO MUCH GOOD, but why do you choose to associate yourselves with the people who will do this., If they will do this to a man like my brother, what do you think they will do to you. APAC, is that what you are afraid of, that you will be treated exactly like this. As performers you know this is nothing new for the industry, these attacks, usually aimed at you performers, will continue until YOU do something about it. The the FEMALES IN APAC, you all know what has happened to so many of you in the past, hundreds of stories of your videos being sent to family members, and your places of work after you leave the industry, vicious things said about you on these boards, twitter, etc. Yet you NEVER speak up publicly, you never say stop, and in a way I can understand why, you’re afraid it will happen to you.

    There is one very little person in this industry who is a major culprit of this type of behavior, yet some very respected people inthis industry, knowing full well what he does, continue to associate with him, this tiny little weasle. And these same people who associate with him are associated with APAC,,,,why, why, why do you allow this. Where is the APAC leadership, or is Dianne Duke really the APAC leadership?

    To this tiny little weasle of a man, and you know who you are, and so do I, you did this to try to intimidate me. Big mistake, I aint some naive little girls fresh off the bus. You have now played all your cards, you got nothing left, and look, I’m still here. The can of worms you just opened is going to spill over into places, and onto people that you never,ever expected. When this shitstorm hits the fan, every person caught in its wake is going to know that it is YOU, little weasle, who is responsible.

    And when this is over, I sincerely hope that APAC takes its rightful place as a true voice for performers, testing is put back into the hands of those who foot the bill for it, and if all goes right, the system that emerges will provide a little better protection for performers, producers and agents.

    To the weasle, once again, I am going to love to see you pegged to the wall.

  12. Jilted…Ty for letting us know it was you and your family targeted. Please accept these words as a virtual hug…with my hope that it is one of many to help ease the utterly senseless crap that ripped open and needlessly renewed your grief in such a heinous way.

    Each year bittersweet cards from my sisters students arrive with awkward ‘thinking of you’ notes…then there are the cards that include a copy of paper or award notes acknowledging her contribution to their success. We have that and the great gallows humor our siblings knew we’d need to carry on in the face of life’s adversities. Our siblings left a legacy of love, courage, perseverance, dedication and determination we can only hope to emulate.

    Nothing this asshole did or does can minimize your brother’s contributions to this world. Most likely his contributions have the folks who share his gene pool cringing or denying relation to this soon to be caged animal.

  13. I’ve been following the adult industry for over 30 years. For me, the heyday was from around 1992-2006 and ever since then it’s been a long but steady decline. Right now it’s way worse than ever, almost all the good talent is gone and only scumbags are fighting over the table scraps left on the dirty floor.

    The time to flee was years ago. Don’t keep pounding your head on the wall hoping things will get better. There’s a better life out there just waiting to be had.

  14. Jilted… Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre and Sean Tomkins (I don’t care how to spell his name) both tried and still try to discredit me too and they haven’t been very successful at shutting me up either! Either way, is it sooo wrong for me to wonder if the FSC is paying them? And how hard would it be to find out that kind of information?

  15. @NickEast
    “And how hard would it be to find out that kind of information?”

    From a non-profit on the up & up disclosing their activities and finances it wouldn’t be hard at all…from the FSC it would take a BOD or employee betraying their organization with irrefutable proof.

  16. Maybe this is a stupid question but i will ask it anyway. Have any of the people this guy Whiteacre stalks and harasses ever reported him to the police? How about complaining to Twitter or facebook? I mean this guy has a criminal record, right? I am sure you can at least get a restraining order against him. How does he get away with this stuff? Unless, no one is reporting him. Do the people he harasses do nothing except complain about it on message boards and fight with him on Twitter? If so, How is that going to solve anything? I know monica foster said he has been threatening her for years. Yet, as far as I know, she has never contacted the authorities? Why? I can’t imagine him getting away with stalking and harassing someone who lives in the real world outside of the industry. A regular person who has all their senses and isn’t a porn star, prostitute or stripper would never put up with this character. NOBODY! It seems to me he mostly targets the weak minded.people he knows he can easily discredit because some of these people act as crazy as him.. i am not even trying to be a smart ass… It just makes no sense to me… Just sayin….

  17. What I cant possibly understand is if you are a producer who is still making money, who is still relevant why is it so hard for you to get pussy the normal way?
    Oh and another thing, Stoney is a dick, he is arrogant and a drama queen, granted he has earned the right to be a dick and a drama queen because of the success of his porn productions but honestly you arent a child by any means man, do not expect compassion from anyone who isnt close to you. especially when you are riddled with bad karma.

  18. It doesnt matter if he is a dick or not really that isnt the point. everyone is a dick in someones eyes but at least in my eyes no one deserves to be treated in a cruel and inhumane maner.

  19. many times… he has had restraining orders…he is about to get another in GA. He has been arrested at least 3 times this year 2 of them felonies. I cant sa why Monica or even Shelly Lubben haven’t filed restraining orders against him….I think Shelly tried but since he doesnt have a permanent address or own anything (not even a car) its difficult. The car he drives is his mommies (thats when he has one) or his wifes. He isnt listed on his wifes lease and when he was served recently Christina told the Marshalls that he didnt live there. Damn near everything that comes out of his mouth is lies and fabrications but its gonna catch up to him soon enough. Of course he is banned here, also on the XBiz forums…more and more people are wising up to him and the ones that dont will go down with him. At one time I had some respect for Martk Speigler, Ernest Greene and a few others, Ernest may be too dumb to know the truth but Speigs isnt. They all clam to hate Donny Long but this is just Donny with a bad hairdo, he uses all the same tactics and threats Donny did…and believe me I know all about that…

  20. I have to agree what has happened here was beyond uncalled for, I really don’t have words to describe it (unlike many I support things such as the torture and death of certain classes of miscreants which could be characterized as inhumane and cruel by others so I can’t agree with your above post completely). I am not a nice person myself to those that I think truly deserve meanness but I would never (which is a word I don’t like to use often) go after their families in this manner. For example I vehemently think Michael Weinstein is a pompous greedy asshole with a vendetta that deserves to be unceremoniously thrown out on his ass on top of an Ebola victim’s vomit but I would never subject his family to this treatment or depict them having gay sex on a Facebook page. You don’t involve innocent bystanders in this type of mudslinging. What the fuck has happened to this world? Unfortunately I think I know who did this from a couple of alluding comments in this article and its comments and I am not surprised, I would bet he in his sick below-the-gallows level humor thinks this shit is funny. The person I think did this evidently needs a sharp pitchfork tine attached in place of his (probably extra tiny) Uncle Peg dildo and then his wife or probation officer fucking him up the ass with it. I would also like to see the random urine drug test results of this Uncle Peg, I suspect that drugs may have something to do with his behavior as of late as he wasn’t acting like an ass and getting himself arrested for beating his girlfriends and getting into bar fights (although he evidently was earlier in his life) while we were all fighting Donkey Long and PornWikiLeaks a few years back (I was on the sidelines cheering on those actively fighting the Donkey).

  21. This is too funny. Whiteacre doesn’t even own a car. That means he must be driving his parent’s or wife’s car to LA every chance he gets. I wonder if when he pisses off Christina by beating her with a flip flop she calls the police and reports “her” car stolen? It would be too funny if she did, I would love to see the look on his face when he gets arrested for Grand Theft Auto thinking he had permission to drive her car. If he takes the car to CA for one of his almost weekly trips to either Los Angeles or San Francisco (BTW where the fuck is he getting the money to pay for these trips) with Christina being in NV the FBI could even be involved causing him to face federal charges (ask Rob Black about LaTuna federal prison).

    It took me one hell of a long time to figure out Whiteacre but now that I have it pains me to see the damage he causes to the industry. He has already taken down Sean Tompkins with him. Who attached to him will go down next? Mark Speigler? Ernest Greene and his wife Nina Hartley? Diane Duke (I suspect Whiteacre may either have been or still be on the FSC payroll, his connections to that organization were too obvious for a while a couple of years ago — he even made an anti-piracy video for them)? Even Peter Acworth or another higher-up person like a director at Kink could be affected, there are pictures of Whiteacre hob-nobbing with talent in the Kink armory obviously taken during a normal production day (I don’t know of him being male talent there although with his unique “devil man” look I could think of a few roles for him) and someone had to authorize him to be in the building.

    I nominate Mike South for CEO of the FSC, maybe with someone that actually has a clue at the helm porn would clean itself up. It is time to eliminate some problem children in Chatsworth starting with Whiteacre, Diane Duke and the executives at FuckGeek/ManFuck.

  22. Yup, I am. It is called having a conscience. You can disagree with someone without dragging their family through the mud.

    BTW the name “common sense” is a new one here but you seem to know a bit about me. Whoever you actually are, either you have done your research or had interactions with me before. You don’t have to worry about me having an adverse reaction to my medications. If I were, I would likely be in an ambulance — not posting here. I am actually getting ready to go to bed in a few minutes, if I wake up and post here tomorrow you will know I wasn’t having an adverse reaction to my medications. Thank you for your concern, you can go back to researching my past posts here at now. 🙂

    Also, the reference to gay sex in my post above is because Jilted’s brother was depicted (using Photoshop) having gay sex by a perverse nutcase in an attempt to exact a certain perverse payback to Jilted. That is why I say that I would not do that to an uninvolved enemy’s family member. I guess you don’t know the whole backstory to this thread and that must be why you evidently think I am turning into a loon.

  23. i still think that stoney is painting himself as some kind of victim, he is two faced and selfish. and yes i am letting my personal experiences with him effect how i view this situation.

  24. @mike south: I’m happy to hear that at least some of you who are being Stalked and harrassed by this punk ARE reporting/filing complaints against him. I can’t figure out why monica doesn’t unless she likes the attention she gets from him? Who knows? Shelley Lubben seems to basically just ignore whiteacre when he starts attacking her which is like everyday. I think that’s the best thing to do because by responding to him you are giving him what he wants .. A reaction. DON’T! The best thing to do is just report him and ignore him.

    I am not a fan of Shelley but I find it funny that whiteacre is a member of a facebook page called “the truth about the pink cross foundation” all the members of this group are all worked up over Shelley.. They talk about how they are gonna let the whole world know what a horrible person she is.etc….yet none of these members have a problem with criminal, woman hater, woman beater, Flip flop hitting, Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass? Lol these people obviously aren’t the brightest, eh?

    I too have no idea why anyone in this industry would even associate with whiteacre. By doing so, they are condoning his behavior which makes them no better then he is. Not to mention your credibility becomes zip. And is whiteacre so delusional that he thinks Michael Weinstein gives a flying fig what he says about him? That Whiteacre and Tompkins are going to stop weinstein with their LOL veiled threats and bullshit posts about him from continuing to try and help the performers by doing everything he can to get someone to FINALLY enforce the effing law to protect the health and safety of the performers? Lol!! This guy Whiteacre, his cronies and his BFF Sean Tompkins are real pieces of work.

    As someone who is not associated with the industry in anyway. I have never seen anything like these people. These people are so delusional they have no clue how people like myself who live in the real world view them.

    Ps…whiteacre Living off his mother and wife? This guy doesn’t even have a job? What a LOSER!!! He’s the last person who should be judging anyone.

  25. Lily Cade, Dana Vespoli, Annie Cruz and others are either completely ignorant and stupid about Whiteacre or are afraid of the consequences of not being his ‘friend.’ They could also be using him for promotions on TRPWL. The truth is it’s a shit site which hardly gets traffic. South’s site gets 15x the traffic.

  26. Just letting Common Sense know that I am fine. Again, thank you for your concern about me, I really can’t see where I posted anything to lead you to have concerns that one of my medications was causing any issues last night but oh well.

    Welcome to the Mike South Institute site, Common Sense. WTF is with these screen names, anyway — first a guy calling himself Dickhead and now Common Sense and Whistler. No problem but I feel funny addressing someone by these names, especially the guy going by Dickhead. There are also people using screen names here that are (obviously) used by different people on thelesser site (you know, the one Dr. Flip Flop writes articles for under the name Deep Throat) such as Cindi Speigler, Sean Tompkins, Ari Bass (Dr. Flip Flop himself on the lesser site), Michael Whiteacre (yes, the one and only Dr. Filp Flop’s nom de porn on the lesser site) and Patufa (Dr. Flip Flop’s dog of all things).

    You can add to the lowbrow nature of the biz lately the nasty antics of Dr. Flip Flop and his below the belt attempt to harass Jilted for speaking out about things that in his opinion need changing in the porn industry (some of which I respectfully disagree with but I would never stoop to Dr. Flip Flop’s low level of discourse by disparaging people’s dead relatives — making other people like me that may disagree with Jilted and a couple of others here but still have a modicum of respect and dignity left look bad in the process) and this has been one interesting blog lately. I have trepidation about what I will hear next — a certain law school grad lighting a fire in the studios of Mike South Entertainment, vandalizing Jilted’s house or even worse maybe this certain law school grad beating on porn chickies during his weekly trips to Los Angeles or San Francisco — a certain beer bottle wielding someone who is known to choke out his wife and beat her with a flip flop. Funny, I thought the first thing taught in law school was not to commit any felonies and only a few misdemeanors. Fortunately we commenters on here don’t know how to use Photoshop and don’t subscribe to the below the belt scorched earth antics of Dr. Flip Flop. I can only imagine what would happen if we did.

  27. Cindi, here are some current stats for you. This site’s Alexa rank is 44,079 (it has actually dipped considerably since the end of the last moratorium as nothing highly important to the biz at large has happened lately). Here is a link: . The lesser site TRPWL has an Alexa rank of 95,503, the chart shows spikes during three high-news times this year but never approaches the much higher score of Mike’s site at any time. TRPWL also has dipped considerably in the past two months. Link: . The way Alexa works is a ranking system, not a linear system so Mike’s Alexa represents much more than double the traffic of TRPWL — it is hard to estimate the proportion of traffic using Alexa’s numbers but I can say that Mike’s traffic is much more than double Sean and Flip Flop’s, maybe even triple or quadruple (or even more) the traffic that TRPWL receives. Also 6.3% of TRPWL’s traffic lists this site as the site visited directly before the TRPWL visit. That likely means with the number of posts regarding Dr. Flip Flop here lately people may be reading articles here and then going over to TRPWL to laugh at the lies being posted over there by Dr. Flip Flop already knowing the real scoop from Mike.

    Also, TRPWL’s server is crap, according to Alexa TRPWL loads slower than 99% of websites worldwide. In comparison Mike’s site loads faster than 64% of all sites worldwide (even faster than Google’s US site, the number one trafficked site).

  28. To think people wonder why Loafers remain a choice footwear for academics….keeps genius’s from tripping over laces.

  29. @harris: here’s an interesting fact. The site Donny long supposedly runs, porn wiki leaks, that Tompkins and Whiteacre among others helped take down but is now back up, even gets more traffic in the U.S ( 52,792) then TRPWL (54,688) does. hahaha
    So does xbiz ( 26,381) avn (18,652) and gfy (8,650) gfy has an even better global rank ( 3,119) and woman beater michael whiteacre aka ari bass’s the devil and Shelley lubben blogspot ranks a pitiful 6,404,590. Lol

  30. I wouldn’t call Whiteacre a genius but OK (maybe an evil genius but not a genius of the normal variety), maybe he needs help in that area as well.

    BTW I do wear loafers myself but not because I have issues tying my shoes. I just happen to like having shoes I can slip on and off my feet at the airport (X-raying shoes is part of the security procedure post-11th September).

    Signed, the Sex Doctor of Mike South Blog — Dr. Harris. 🙂 (Hop/Rob should get that reference).

  31. I was using global scores but just checked and Mike South’s score for the US today is 37,262 which is much higher than Donkey’s and Dr. Flip Flop’s but lower than the scores you list for XBiz, AVN and GFY (surprising as this site has much more news than AVN ever did — I would have expected this site to have more traffic, GFY is a webmaster forum so I don’t really know how they have such a high amount of traffic). I am not surprised about Whiteacre’s Shelley Lube-and-Hate Blogspot scoring 6.4 million (remember, lower numbers mean more traffic). What I want to see is the score for the Dr. Flip Flop’s marital advice and how to make your wife love and obey site that he is probably working on now that I have given him a new nickname. 🙂

  32. As I have outlined many time Alexa is easy to cheat….both AVN and XBiz do it…I wont tell you how because that makes things even worse. making yourself look better on alexa is relatively easy, making yourself look worse than you are is next to impossible. Alexa is a reasonable tool to combine with other tools to get an idea of a sites traffic but if you are buying a site based on that sites alexa numbers that would make you an idiot. (dont laugh it has happened) The better consideration of a sites value comes from its google analytics, info like the quality of back links, the age demographics as well as race and gender and other things that factor into targeted marketing. No mater what my alexa is if you are trying to sell bibles on my site an ad here probably isnt worth the money. On the other hand if your targeted customer is male or female age 25-50 educated and not devoutly religious my demographics are very good and if your targeted customer is a pornographer or an educated fan an ad on my site is worth more than I charge for an ad.

  33. That is very true, Mike. I wasn’t thinking of that when I posted but I can think of a couple of ways others including TRPWL, AVN and XBiz “cheat” the Alexa system. I am still surprised that AVN and XBiz score as “well” as they do, I won’t tell how either but I quite reasonably estimate that the competition gets between four and nine clicks for ever click on this site on average with TRPWL being on the low end (more because of the lack of quality articles pertinent to the adult film industry then anything else, there is a lot of fluff on that site) and both AVN and XBiz on the high end, I am on TRPWL looking for a laugh daily and just checked out AVN and XBiz to verify that the format is what I remembered.

  34. You nailed that one brother. I am afraid my optimism regarding this biz is somewhat unrealistic….sadly. Kinda like what you wrote about voting Libertarian….why is it so hard to expect to find a politician that will keep his/her hands out of my pockets and his/her nose out of my business…

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