It Amuses Me


That the morons think that because I point out that AHF is being successful and that the FSC is not that people think I must somehow support the AHF.  For the record I don’t.  Porners could learn an awful lot from AHF though,  Weinstein is a much better strategist than Diane Duke or Michael Whiteacre.  He is also a far better fund raiser.

The issue is moot however, the FSC isn’t going to improve and clearly the AHF doesn’t see them as any sort of threat.  Slinging mud around isn’t going to fix the problem.  I give you my thoughts you can take it or leave it.   Whiteacre can continue to stalk Shelly Lubben who was never really any threat to the industry anyway.


The FSC would be wise to steer clear of him and try to get on track to mount a PR Campaign to defeat the upcoming county wide condom mandate.  They won’t but they should.





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It Amuses Me

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  1. Having Michael Whiteacre lead the fight against AHF in regards to condom use in adult film industry is akin to having Eric Justin Toth aka David Bussone in charge of fighting vs. child abuse.

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