It Ain’t the Cover Of The Rolling Stone But…

This is one I have been looking forward to, I knew my part in it wasn’t big but I am from the generation where Rolling Stone was a validation of the pinnacle of success.

Katie, the author wanted my take on prop 60, and I gave it to her, and I am glad I did.  It was obvious to me from the start that she wasn’t just going through the motions, she wanted to get it right, she wanted to understand both sides.
The Result is Here:

Porn’s Safe Sex Problem: Inside California’s Controversial Prop 60

I think it is without a doubt the best article written on prop 60, it is unbiased and unlike most of the others it is FACTUAL  It even debunks the long standing bullshit from The FSC that there have been no on set transmissions of HIV in 14 years.

No matter which side you are on this is worth the read,  I want to personally thank Katie and Rolling Stone Magazine for getting it right without taking sides.  Kudos!

140510cookie-checkIt Ain’t the Cover Of The Rolling Stone But…

It Ain’t the Cover Of The Rolling Stone But…

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  1. Really great piece. It highlights something I’ve written on your site for the last couple of years. The greatest threat to the porn industry is not the LA County law, or even Prop 60 should it pass. It’s OSHA. Should that agency decide to crack down, the porn industry cannot escape condom use by moving to Arizona. On the other hand, as long as OSHA chooses to sit on the sidelines, porn probably doesn’t have a lot to concern itself with because LA County seems not to have much interest in enforcing the regulation and my guess is that neither will the state of California. I understand the concern that now any Jo Schmo would have standing to file a suit in court, but I think that’s unlikely to happen. I can see AHF doing so.

  2. EXACTLY BT I spent HOURS on the phone with Katie for this piece she worked hard to get it right and I think it shows. I am also VERY excited about Shawna Lenee her attitude and work ethic are amazing, I think she is gonna be a rock star.

  3. If anything surprised, or disappointed, me about the article it wasn’t the reporting and analysis – damn, she was good. It’s that no A-lister was quoted, only performers I’ve never heard of. I’d liked to have heard from a Jesse, Julia Ann, Phoenix Marie, Kayden, James Deen, Manuel, Kieren Lee or Johnny Castle standing up for the industry in that part of the piece.

  4. It’s been a while since I read Prop 60 so I could be way off here, but I’m curious regarding the lawsuits…Based on what people in porn are saying it seems like anyone can sue at random, but I was under the impression that people can only sue after filing a complaint to OSHA and OSHA not doing anything about said complaint?

  5. Silas, you are correct, they must FIRST filea complaint with Cal OSHA AND Cal OSHA must fail to investigate (which they are required by law to do….The whole idea that people will be suing pornstars left and right is ludicrous

  6. Other than AHF, how many “citizens” does anyone really think would file a complaint with OSHA and then sue because no condom was used in a film?

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