Is Peter Ackworth Stupid or Just Careless?

I have been thinking about the whole Peter Ackworth arrest thing and I really don’t get it.   I figured Peter for a pretty bright guy despite is seat on the board of the Free Speech Coalition, he seems to run his business well and though I don’t know him, never even met him I never heard much bad about him either.

So the whole possession of Cocaine thing is pretty dumb it seems.  I have a hard rule against drugs of any kind on one of my sets, plain and simple its just good business to ban them.  I could see some contract director or something bringing drugs on a set but for the company owner to have his personal stash in the building is just plain beyond stupid for reasons I don’t even have to explain.

Did he think that he was so well liked in the city that he wouldn’t have any problems?  Does he need Cocaine in such a regular manner that he has to have it on the premises? I really don’t get it.

Why are there SO many fuck ups in porn?  This is a guy who clearly should have better sense.



72440cookie-checkIs Peter Ackworth Stupid or Just Careless?

Is Peter Ackworth Stupid or Just Careless?

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  1. There so many fuck up in porn right now is becuase they where allowed in to it stay happly when found no one cared if they stay round. It getting be prove fact that more you fuck up in industry have money pay make next porn movies out there that indusrty well keep you round forgive you for fucking up. Unless get HIV than they well complete ban you from make any main stream porn.

  2. Yes, this was a pretty dumb thing for Peter to do. However, my understanding is that he has residential quarters in the Armory and spends some nights there. He also had a friend there with him that was also arrested. I suspect that they were going to spend the night in the Armory and have a little private party, Peter has had a reputation for that for years now. I was unaware that he had a appetite for cocaine but I guess he does. His attorney claims he had $60 worth of coke on him which isn’t very much by any yardstick except the government’s. I hope Peter has learned a valuable lesson in this and that the charges are dropped due to the cops not having probable cause to enter the Armory in the first place.

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