Is Gregg Dodson and skyn talent a Pimp ? Is Trinity St Clair a scammer? Is Cytheria A Prostitute and gfe dating front for pristitution? You decide

Every once in awhile I run across something so incredibly stupid that Gregg Dodson, skyn talent and Trinity St. Clair has done that it defies logic. Gregg is now running a new front for money laundering and prostitution call GFE dating

I ran across this, this morning, and according to the article it happened yesterday in Vegas and was not the first time it was attempted. Basically they ran a promotion offering for men to pay them to hook up with Trinity St. Clair.

Yet somehow they think that if a random guys pays to have sex, it’s not prostitution. But is it?

Adult Verified Video Chat is letting fans pay for the chance to have sex with a porn star on camera.

On the first of November the site Adult Verified Video Chat declared that was on the move a very special kind of auction – sex with a porn star to the highest bidder.

And the porn star is Trinity St Clair.

Trinity St Clair

It’s not prostitution, they say. It’s entertainment.

According to the site, the famous porn star Isis Love (who by the way is also a producer) will shot [sic] the scene in Las Vegas, at an upscale residence (of course), in January 20, one day before the beginning of the famous convention AVN.

This is the second auction that Adult Verified Video Chat has hosted. The first was with the porn star, known for her squirting talents, Cytherea. But because schedule problems the scene never happened and there was never a money transaction.

Talent that is now available on the platform includes Danni Cole, Isis Love, Brandy Aniston, Dakota Skye, Belle Knox, Emma Starr, Rilynn Rae, Alexis Monroe, Noelle Easton, Kennedy Leigh, Bethany Benz, Victoria Summers, Tanya Tate, Veronica Avluv, Katie St. Ives and many more. (reckon which of these girls is next)

Apparently the winning bid was $9,200 offered by a john named “Andrewcool11”.

Will Trinity St. Clair bang the guy who paid $9,200 to have sex with her?

In doing so, will it be considered prostitution?

Will this open the door for Trinity St. Clair to let he fans pay her any amount to have sex with her?

Or is this a service only available through Gregg Dodson, owner of Skyn Talent and the escort agency, Interestingly enough, Trinity St. Clair works with Gregg Dodson and is available as a paid escort from his HelpUBookHer2 website.

She is however not a part of his newly formed talent agency, Skyn Talent. One can’t help but wonder why.

When I spoke to several attorneys every single one was shocked that anyone would think that this transaction was NOT prostitution, but who knows who will represent Gregg Dodson, owner of adult verified videochat and Skyn Talent, and explain how it isn’t prostitution. And if it isn’t prostitution, then maybe that’s how porn can get out of the slump its in …. replace male performers that want to be paid with male performers that will pay $9,200 bucks to be in the scene…WOW.

Gregg Dodson


116441cookie-checkIs Gregg Dodson and skyn talent a Pimp ? Is Trinity St Clair a scammer? Is Cytheria A Prostitute and gfe dating front for pristitution? You decide

Is Gregg Dodson and skyn talent a Pimp ? Is Trinity St Clair a scammer? Is Cytheria A Prostitute and gfe dating front for pristitution? You decide

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  1. I think it sits right on the line, but that the presence of the video camera (and the retail / distribution of the finished product) takes it out of the realm of prostitution and pushes it every so slightly back into just porn.

    It’s not truly very different from a Fan Fuck situation, where a girl selects a paid member of her site (at random, wink wink) to appear on her site getting a hummer or whatever. The only difference is the price, in reality, and the more direct nature.

    Also, you have to consider the legal aspects of where the transaction occurs. If the money is paid online for “chance to appear in film” and not actually handed to the girl in person on the set, then you may not have the actual requirements for prostitution in the State of Nevada, the solicitation. Sex for money is a common thread in the porn world, is it not? Would you consider Ed Powers to be soliciting for prostitution when he pays girls to appear in his videos and also fucks them? Is the $9200 paid directly to the girl, or is it used to finance the production and the girl gets part of it, paid as a performer?

    Too many questions…

  2. Of course it’s prostitution and how big of a loser is this “Andrewcool11” to pay $9,200 to screw this girl? lol! not so cool. more like pathetic. 🙁

    I bet there will be/ were a lot of STD’s floating around that room.

    This is just another example of why Weinstein/AHF says these performers are a threat to public health..

  3. Some guy from Australia paid $42,000 to have CYBERSEX with Maitresse Madeline over WEBCAM.. OMG! LOL!

    Andrewnotsocool11?… this guy tops you in the pathetic loser department … you have been moved to number 2! hahaha!

    Congratulations guys! 🙂

  4. Since the person in question must be tested just like any other performer, the thing is being filmed by a crew and distributed after the fact like any other movie, how is this any different than random noob male talent?

  5. Tell him to take his $9200 – and use it at Dennis Hof’s places – that way it would last much longer…

    Where is Christi Lake when you need her and her Fan Fucks series…

  6. Here’s the difference,,in porn you have a producer paying third parites for a performance with the intent of selling the product. Here you have one person paying for sexual gratification from another, and thats prostitution. Sometimes in porn the the producer pays himself to act as a performer, as with Max Hardcore.

  7. Porn is D.O.A. Piracy (as well as greed and stupidity) killed porn and people are just trying to evolve and make money where they can.

  8. Several women listed in the above story are escorts on the side. For 9200.00 he could have one for the whole weekend…maybe 2 or 3 for a single session.

  9. Some guy paid $40K plus for an hour of “cybersex” with Lorelei Lee at Kink as well. Since they only did this those two times I suspect something went wrong that hasn’t been publicized. I am curious as to what it is but don’t know. IMO for $40K a man should be able to at least actually fuck them in the Kink Armory for it to be worth the dough.

  10. I think anyone who has to pay for sex is a loser anyway yet alone spend thousands of dollars for it. And cybersex no less… Good grief! If that doesn’t spell pathetic I don’t know what does!

  11. I bet if one of them had/has any STDS (and I am positive one of them does) I doubt they informed/will inform this guy before the “shoot”.. All they see/saw is this guys $9,200 and they aren’t gonna give that up for a silly STD… this crazy sap is gonna have a funny feeling real soon.. 😉

  12. MOST if not all of the people in this industry escort not just some of the women listed in the above story. Lol

  13. I don’t have a problem with prostitution per se but paying for cybersex (without penetration, obviously) doesn’t sit well with me. If I am going to pay for sex with a woman I want the real thing compete with at least dick to pussy penetration (and a blow job would be great if she were willing). I certainly won’t pay $40K to have a chick talk dirty to me while I jack off (and not $9200 to fuck a porn chickie when I can get a cute local prostitute for $300 an hour or so — so for $500 or so including hotel room I could have a great time)! Madeline and Lorelei may be hot but jacking off to them while they talk dirty to me via computer over a thousand miles away isn’t worth forty cents!

  14. Someone wrote a piece a while back about why porn is not prostitution, because the emphasis is on the performance, and actually the sex. This case highlights that. If it wasn’t on camera, then it WOULD be prostitution This situation however, is almost like Joe Blow producing his own porn film, and paying for the talent out of his own pocket. The only problem with that theory is that he has not stake in the profits. They should probably give him tiny percentage, and they would have that contingency covered 🙂

  15. Too little info to judge, Mike, sorry. It could be that the guy signs a (co-)producing contract and in that case it’s nothing different than a shooting with a fan or working for Porn Dan and shooting with him, or with James Deen and his producing company etc.. Anyway, it’s funny to see how i have been estranged and looked at suspiciously by this industry when i started doing fans, traveling the world, giving away my phone number etc. 8 years ago out of the amateur label and now everybody is jumping on it as if they discovered hot water. Expect some big names starting touring, at some point this year. I’m not use to brag, but it was clear to me when i entered this industry that fan exploitation would have become inevitable in order to break the porn market impasse and to fight tubes and piracy. Production fragmentation is already a reality and with fans exploitation running at the speed of light, i expect also tubes relevancy to decline rapidly within the next two years. The future is to involve the average Joe in the financial side of a project , rather than selling him a video for 30 bucks, and at this pornstars have definitely an advantage over production companies which will need to evolve if they don’t want to be cut off. In the end, you just need a good camera, a location and some editing skills to make a porn movie and being in charge of the financial and safety aspects is priceless as we all know. Distributors will always distribute what sells and they will adapt.

  16. I don’t know about Christi Lake but producer “Porno” Dan Leal does Fuck-A-Fan scenes on his paysite (along with other loose plot lines like fucking contests between porn girls). I don’t have the website address handy but Google “Immoral Productions” and you will likely find his site. Evidently he makes money, he has been doing the fun type scenes for at least five years now and produces more than he ever did before nowadays. If you like to see fans fucking porn chickies this might be something you are interested in.

    For the record Porno Dan pays his fan male talent for the “Fuck-A-Fan” scenes, they aren’t paying him. One big difference between Porno Dan and Gregg Dodson’s company.

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