Is Bush Mortally Wounded?:

As I survey the current landscape of politics in this country I can’t help notice how both parties are being lead around by the nose by the extreme elements of the parties.

Look at Bush, he is mortally wounded his approval ratings are at an all time low, even Richard Nixon was more highly regarded. Bush is failing in Iraq, failing on the home front in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, failing in keeping the deficit under control, he has out spent Clinton by over twice as much and the best he can come up with is a lame assed campaign against pornographers? I mean face it why is he sucking the ass of the religious right? It isn’t like they are going to start voting Democratic….He has a lock on those votes.

Now look at the Democrats, they are being lead around by morons like Al Franken and Michael Moore and the rest of the class warfare idiots, at a time when they could stranglehold Bush in the 06 elections they are sucking the ass of the socialists and communists, it ain’t like these votes are going to go to Republicans, no matter what the party does.

It’s people in the center that both parties need, and as one of those people I can’t help but say WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

I want to hear what you will do to cut our dependence on foreign oil, if that means drilling in ANWAR then get the fuck on with it, in the grand scheme of the Alaskan Wilderness ANWAR is the size of a postage stamp on your living room carpet.

If it means nuclear power then fucking do it, we have the technology to make it safe and efficient…fucking do it.

We need to build some more refineries? (we haven’t built one in 30 years) lets roll out the fucking bulldozers.

Haven’t we been fucking around in Iraq long enough? They aren’t a terrorist threat anymore….lets get together a plan to get the fuck out, speaking of terrorists threats what the hell happened to public enemy number one Osama Bin Laden? Why aint we after his ass anymore?

As for the stupid fucks that didn’t leave New Orleans and got killed I’m sorry but that’s just mother nature doing what mother nature does best, killing off the weak and the stupid, you knew for days this hurricane was coming and it was gonna be bad, stop being dependent on you government and take some fucking responsibility for your lives. why is Bush sticking his hands in my pockets to give people 2000 dollar debit cards to buy Gucci handbags? I’m over that shit, let private charities handle that shit I’m tired of everyone who wont get an education and work sticking his/her hand out for MY fucking money. That goes double for idiots living in other countries where the primary export is dust. why the hell are we saving these people so that they can continue to live where there’s no food, water or civilization, fuck em, let em die.

Speaking of, are we retarded? have we learned nothing? we are gonna spend hundreds of billions of dollars to put New Orleans back where it was, so that the next storm that comes along can further burden the taxpayer with another rebuilding project? fuck that, get the bulldozers in there too and turn it into the swamp that mother nature intended it to be.

What we need in this country is some leaders with some good old fashioned common sense

I’m tired of the bullshit.

OK I feel better now.


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Is Bush Mortally Wounded?:

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