Is Anyone Even using PASS?

I remember a while back the fsc had a meeting about PASS and a lot of people mentioned they didn’t even use it

Poking around on shows that they have an Alexa Rank of roughly 6,500,000

Now as a reference my current Alex is 30,045

We have talked about Alexa before its certainly doable to game Alexa to make your rank better than it should be but its not really doable to make your rank worse than it should be.

Based on that Alexa rank FSCPASS cant be getting more than just a few views a day no I know that shooting has slowed down to next to nothing but it really should be getting a bit more traffic than it is. The indication is tha pretty much nobody is using it.

In other associated news, thanks to my new advertisers actually made money for the month of March…it wasn’t much but at least is idnt the loss leader it has been in the past

For the record heres how the other blogs stack up:

Site Traffic?Alexa Rank (the lower the rank the more traffic) ie:a rank of 30,000 is massively more traffic than a rank of 40,000)
Site Traffic/Alexa Rank (the lower the rank the more traffic) ie:a rank of 30,000 is massively more traffic than a rank of 40,000)

96530cookie-checkIs Anyone Even using PASS?

Is Anyone Even using PASS?

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  1. Wow…looks like a whole lot more talking then testing is happening in porn.

    Now I’m curious as to how much traffic & what percentage is porn related is going to PASS approved providers.

    Do those top two slots have anything to do with why the third place site keeps referencing 1 & 2 in its posts and has at least a half dozen folks doing incessant linked tweets to those posts?

  2. Its basically a very small subset of readers that read 2 3 or 4 Gene Ross was doing better, bottom line people know Rob is a moron and will make things up but even at that Rob has more than 4x the traffic that 3 and 4 do I have about 10x the traffic rob does. The way alexa works is it ranks you in terms of where you stand world wide no 2 sites have the same rank I am the 30,000th most popular site on the internet worldwide thats actually pretty respectable for a porn blog….or any blog. but the higher you get it takes exponentially more traffic when theres a big HIV scare or some other thing that gets national attention my traffic can massively increase pushing me into the low 20s on a day to day basis I stay around 30K.

    This consistent solid rank is why I have advertisers interested in advertising here.

  3. and im sure they send traffic but its likely traffic that visits my blog anyway. Alexa does count repeat visits but puts much more weight in unique visits

  4. 2 of those sites have just really bad formats and the other rarely posts things. I’d love to see a unique visitors scale. Also do the graph in comparison to and Those are the 2 sites you list most as being shitty. You have posted several times insinuating you do it better, thus making them your competition. Post that graph. You picked sites that even people who often disagree with you (like me) can see are shitty in one way or another. If this was you declaring “king of the hill”, it missed the mark. This was a “king of the anthill” graph.

  5. I’m looking at a site that lists the same Alexa Rank for you and also does a “unique visitor” graph by: Complete. AVN and XBIZ are killing it. Good for them. Little surprised by XBIZ, whenever I’ve been there I’m not to fond of their format.

  6. Aww…I kinda like Robs posts…it’s like listening to my uncles fish stories, always entertaining but rarely accurate when referring to a situation or event he heard about…mostly accurate when he was there.

    Still at a loss to the name dropping punks at the other site…seems like the only stuff that isn’t a partial copy & link to source is stuff to discredit people they disagree with or are pissed at.

  7. @erik
    You’re the pro…can they have unreported traffic?

    Since the subject is more about the PASS program as a reliable method, I’m more curious if it’s possible to determine the amount of traffic at PASS approved providers related to the industry…maybe lots of folks are using the program protocols but bypassing the PASS database.

  8. Not a pro on how PASS is set up or whether you could get wonky results somehow. Just read a post about how none of theses services like Alexa etc. are 100%. But, no, I was genuinely asking if there was any theory other than just “no one ever visits the site”. I mean it seems crazy with how many ghostown sites there are that PASS could be that low. I mean Mike says it translates to a few views a day? Seems astronomically low, especially since he gives it a few hits himself while collecting all those screenshots. There are sites that don’t really allow the Alexa metric to work. I don’t what security that is that stops it, but I’ve seen it on other sites. Maybe that’s whats happening. It just lists 6,500,000 because it isn’t calculating correctly? That’s my theory. “A few” hits a day, not even unique just seems to low. I mean, sites get that many hits by complete accident based on the number of people online.

  9. According to the Alexa site currently has a rating of 15,559 but according to the graph that fluctuates drastically from a high or approx. 8K to a low of 40K over the past 15 months ( I think that proves their claims of being the king of porn news is off by a mile considering that you have to click a link to access each news story (increasing their Alexa, I estimate by at least five times) whereas with Mike’s site you do not (significantly lowering his score). The Kazoo’s and Sean’s site both do the same thing the AVN site does. FSC PASS ( has a rating of 6,503,941 and dropping, there isn’t a graph for that site but it does say that their rating has dropped by 4,544,549 in the past three months ( BTW the same Alexa site shows that Mike’s site has at least tripled in score over the same 15 month period ( and that 13% of his readership is Canadian (where Manfuck/FuckGeek is based) whereas AVN’s is about 3%.

  10. Oh…sorry, your pointed comments re site traffic indicated that you were knowledgeable in that area.

    The actual PASS program is a database created & maintained by the FSC, performers sign up and allow their availability to be accessed by the producers and agents who also register. The availability is based on clearing the current test panel protocol defined by FSC and their medical advisory board. Unavailable indicates that a performer has not cleared the current test panel, while expired means simply that a current test panel is not available ..IG vacation or non-PASS affiliated provider who can’t or doesn’t enter test panel results into the PASS database.

    If that doesn’t help you the FSC-PASS website and FSC APHSS/PASS press releases might break it down better.

  11. “Oh…sorry, your pointed comments re site traffic indicated that you were knowledgeable in that area.”

    About the PASS website? No, it didn’t. It indicated that there are sites easily accessible that track “site visits” and the like. None of that explains how a site gets “a few” hits a day. As I said, it seems Mike alone goes “a few” times to the site. That amount of visits to a site is crazy low.

  12. Um…. AVN and XBIZ have more than double Mike’s unique visitors. Nothing to do with clicking links.

    Also, is Canadian viewing somehow more important? That was an odd stat.

  13. Erik you may wanna stick to things you know about….remember how i said its easy to game alexa? it is and both avn and xbiz do it. Unique visits are rather meaningless in that respect because they were mislead to the site and then they leave. As any good Advertising person will tell you is that what really matters is repeat traffic and targeted traffic.

  14. No not the PASS site…the TRAFFIC…based on your ability to spit out stuff about unique visitors etc with respect to this site I expected you to be able to apply that same knowledge/process to another site and offer insight.

    You’re the pro…can they have unreported traffic?”

    As long as you keep assigning more to my comments the they say…I’m gonna point out your delusions.

  15. @mharris

    I envy your ability to wrap all that up with references too so succinctly.

  16. Go for it. You’re an anonymous blog commenter. Say whatever you like. This is far from serious business. Yes, that stats are as Mike says. I theorized that there is some other explanation. The numbers “a few” site visits a day just don’t make sense to me. I’m not saying impossible, but it doesn’t seem right. In other words, I think sites must be able to “hide” their data from Alexa and the like in some way.

  17. You want to post the exact same graph with AVN and XBIZ? You claim with no evidence that they game the system/bump their numbers. Seems plausible. Seems just as plausible that you do as well.

  18. Plausible till you go to the home page where all the articles are presented in their entirety without clicking to finish article…even if you want to get nit-picky and point out those who must click on the article to read comments it is no way the same as a home page that gives teasers and requires a click to read content.

    I’m dumber than a box of rocks when it comes to sites, traffic click through payments etc…but that simple concept didn’t escape notice.

  19. Ohhhh…so FSC-PASS has low traffic counts because they know how to hide their data from Alexa? Maybe mike is hiding his data and that’s why mharris analysis is so messed up cus it’s really different if we look through your eyes?

    You’re right that we are both anonymous commenters…on a site where the owner allows us to spew whatever we like. I seriously wonder if someone dropped you a few times too many….these wild ass purple man on the moon theories and cross-post redirections are hysterical!

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