Immoral Productions Has Not Been Sold

Despite AVN’s claim to the contrary…quoting company “owner” David Loso.

I talked to porno Dan and we got a good laugh out of it…..

Thank you to the reader that tipped me….

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Immoral Productions Has Not Been Sold

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  1. Isn’t “Porno” Dan the majority owner of Immoral Productions? I am under the impression that he is. That being the case even Theo should have known he was being pranked. BTW Dan’s legal name is not David Loso for those wondering.

  2. yes Dan is the sole owner of Immoral, Dan had sent out a press release and AVN fucked it up when they edited it (Dan is more literate than they are so why they would redact it to begin with is retarded….but Im told they always do that. Im not really pickin on AVN just bustin their chops for a rank amateurish mistake.

  3. I would think AVN would hire a copy editor with more than a third grade education but I guess they didn’t.

    For the record Dan is very literate as you mentioned (I have talked to him on ADT a few times), he actually worked in business before starting his porn production company (in what capacity I do not recall at the moment). I am sure he can file a tax return as well as read a balance sheet and income statement, that is more than I can say for some performers.

    While I am on the subject of performers, it would be a great idea for performers without an BBA and/or MBA (I think that is almost every performer except Porno Dan, Veruca James and Shy Love) to take the introductory accounting course as well as individual and corporate tax at their local community college (if they did not when attending college for whatever degree he/she does have, that would be either CCSF or College of Marin for those in the SF Bay Area and Pasadena City College for those in LA County), you won’t remember it all but it will help you understand how to evaluate the health of a company you are investing in (whether it be the stock market, the bond market or a private company) as you will have a general idea of how to read their financial statements, the tax classes will help you understand how the tax system works, what receipts and other papers you need to file away for tax time and maybe even be able to file your own taxes if you have the inclination to keep up on tax law once you finish the tax courses. If a performer wishes to start his/her own production company an introductory computer class at a community college would be advisable as well, you need to know how to use a spreadsheet in order to keep the accounting books up nowadays but the class will also cover how to use a word processing program which also comes in handy. It is money well spent and city/community colleges are cheap to attend (IIRC College of Marin was $46 a credit hour last semester plus books which cost about $100 a course, the classes I cite would add up to 12-14 credit hours which is full-time enrollment for one semester or one class a semster for four semesters which is about 1 1/3 years attending year-round.

  4. Hey im David Loso i have never talked to anyone from avn have never sayd anything about immoral productions and have never claimed to be the owner. If some one can please tell me how my name got dragged in this. Thank you

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